September 20th, 2006

Ultima snakes

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On the Talk Like a Pirate Day thread in sages_of_chaos, frozenhunger talks about his plans for TLaPD:

I think I be heading to Long John Silvers to raid the hushpuppies! Then I be heading to the mall to ride the coin operated pirate ship! Then skate on the harbor! Putting postit notes in peoples safes saying 'Ye been pirated!' Then I prolly having to be stopping an Arrrrrrrrmegeddon around 3pm. I'll then spend some time hopping from world to world to make fun of Scott about his daddy Corrrrrrrrsair the space pirate. Then I be heading to Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrbys to eat. Bringin me own Rum.
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From libertarianhawk's journal, on the concept of "argument as war":
That's a very true description about how most arguments work. I'm trying to actively avoid that in political arguments, though. To extend the metaphor, these days Google and sympathetic blogs supply you with all the ammunition you could need, so you wind up with WWI-like arguments. Verbal explosions wiping everything out. Moderates refugeeing out, leaving behind an empty No Man's Land. Your original point huddling forgotten at the bottom of a trench. Stalemate.
The refugeeing moderates amused me. Context is trying to puzzle solve out of the trench
Galactus' Mighty Hat


In my LJ, I wondered who would win in a fight between Jim Cramer, host of MSNBC's "Mad Money," and infomercial superstar Matthew Lesko.

fishymcb responded:

Lesko wins in a walkaway. Come on, there's shouting and throwing things crazy, and then there's dressing like the Riddler crazy.

james_nicoll does not care for RAH's latest post-humous novel

I didn't expect much from this book because almost all books of this sort, where an avid fan tries to finish work by an author they adore, are failures. It's very hard to pull this off and if I think Robinson has failed, as I do, the odds were against him from the beginning. Complaining about how this falls short of Heinlein is like complaining that the infantrymen at the Somme don't seem to have run very far.

I understand why Tor published this: anything new with the Heinlein name on it is going to sell. I mean, NUMBER OF THE BEAST is still in print: almost 20 years after his death, the old boy's name has considerable selling power. ROBERT A. HEINLEIN'S BOOBY-TRAPPED BOOK WITH THE SHARP SPIKES THAT JUMP OUT AND IMPALE YOUR EYES would probably do quite well.
-james_nicoll after reviewing Varible Star, written by Spider Robinson, based on nine pages of Robert Heinlein's notes.

Context is niether female, hyper-intelligent, nor red headed:
FC power
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Bring it, b*****s! Personifications of urban abstracts reprazent!

In my post proposing cage matches between the world's cities, UFC style:

knitmeapony: Chicago would bulk up just before the fight, float like a butterfly, and sting like a kid with crib notes. Yes, Chicago would cheat like an absolute bastard, slinging a punch before the 'go' sign, sneaking in illegal things like rope and tranqs, and generally pretend and deny that they exist.

And for some weird reason, the ref with the moneybag under his seat wouldn't see them either!

transemacabre: New Orleans is a raunchy old whore, pockmarked and stinking of cheap sex and liquor, who still gets out on the street corner and gives you a ride like no other. New Orleans would stagger into the fight, yell something profane in French, and then cut someone with a homemade shiv.

imtehsprightly: Orlando is the ghetto chick with big gold hoop earrings proudly proclaiming her name for all to see, three-inch blood-red nails with airbrushed patterns and rhinestones, and Applebottom jeans.

Orlando would make nearby Kissimmee hold her shit (bag, earrings, anything easily grabbable in a fight) and throw down with any other bitches who tried to take her out. Then she'd call her homegirls Tampa, Miami, and Jacksonville to follow her defeated opponent home and whup on all her friends.

skywise12: Dude, we killed Biggie. Bring it.

shadowlongknife: I'm gonna say that Fort Myers shoots itself in the foot when its gun gets caught on its extra-low-hanging jeans.

oakenguy: Boston and Cambridge! would look very impressive early on in any fight. But Boston and Cambridge! would always find a way to lose, usually in a very dramatic, last-minute, defeat-out-of-the-jaws-of-victory sort of way.

Context is fish hooking Chuck Liddell for a beatdown right here, baby. More inspired hilarity in the comment threads.
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Mmmm...English hard cider!

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ironychan considers the links between Vikings and Queen Elizabeth II in this post about geneology and the Royal Family.

Hrolf (860-932) was a bloodthirsty Viking cheiftain. He made a deal with King Charles the Simple of France: Chuck gave Hrolf Normandy, and Hrolf gave Chuck a no-pillage guarentee. This worked beautifully for everybody, and Hrolf settled down, married some chick named Poppa, and went down in history as Rollo of Normandy.


Their son was Robert the Magnificent (1000-1035). I don't know what was so magnificent about him. He was not exactly married to a woman named Herleve of Fralais, which sounds like a dessert. They had two kids but the most important was...

William the Conqueror (1028-1087). He couldn't read or write but he did kick a few English butts and made himself King. His wife was Matilda of Flanders. Their older son was William II Rufus, but he's not as important to this story as his younger brother:


John I (1166-1216) was, despite what Disney had to say about it, definitely John the First. He was also John the Only, which does indeed make him John the Worst but also John the Best, so it's not quite so bad as all of that. He's also called John Softsword, which had the same double meaning back then as it does now. He married Isabella of Angloueme, and his sword can't have been as soft as all of that because...

Henry III (1207-1272) was his son.

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nowgoesquickly has a painting accident:

Caitlin's special Chai recipe.

You will need:

-1half cup decaffeinated Tazo chai
-1half cup soy milk
-Maria Callas' "Puccini's Arias" album by EMI Classics
-Heavyweight watercolor paper
-Van Gogh watercolor paint in Cobalt Blue Ultramarine
-A cup of water (for rinsing your brush)

Prepare the chai as instructed on the container. Sit down to drink it and paint a picture of Maria Callas in cobalt blue ultramarine, using the Puccini album as a guide.

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(post is f-locked, QWP)
Daria - Sick Sad World

saxomofo points out a bit of flawed reasoning:

And someone had a brilliant idea of having a Grand Prix car race in downtown Vegas in April. Um...does anyone else see the problem with that? Not only is driving downtown ALREADY like a Grand Prix race, but there's a lot of stuff downtown. And cars that go fast tend to, like, HIT SHIT. But, everyone has a chub for this race on TV because it will bring in tourists. Good thing there! We've never really had anything to pull in tourists in LAS VEGAS.

bound, queer, sexy dykiness

crevette again, who else?

crevette contemplates the odiferous nature of her charity walk:

And the FUNK. OH GOD, THE FUNK. You have never smelled funk like 3Dayer funk. (Heh. 3Day Funk should be something BPAL should offer... can you imagine the reviews? In bottle: A sharp acidic scent that seems to be made up of old socks, rotting garbage and an undertone of "Secret Platinum". On skin, wet: On me it takes on a harsher tone, and seems to have a strong note of boiled cabbage and rotten eggs. On skin, dry: Lingers. God, how it lingers. Now it smells like 3Day old dead rats who had a last meal of rotten eggs and limburger cheese. Hence the name. Very clever, BPAL. AND IT WILL NOT WASH OFF. KILL ME NOW!)

QWP, as always, in a 5 mL LE
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In response to my own nude ANTM-inspired shoot, where I used a scarf to cover my privies wyldegrey replies:

That is quite possibly the most strategically placed scarf I've ever seen. It has more strategy than Garry Kasparov, Napoleon, and Sun Tzu combined. ;)

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