September 18th, 2006

Emperor Lane

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For clarification of the funny: My 1-year-old's name is Lane.

faerymistress sez:
I know its Not funny, but when i just heard the news lady say

"Huricain Lane has been terriozing the west coast of mexico leaving a path of distruction...."

Well i pictured was thebigfatman and pgnblade's little boy running up and down a little mexican villiage breaking stuff tazmain devil style while they chased after him trying to bribe him with a cookie or something to stop....

Context is in ur kuntree, breakin ur villagiz
Default - Blue dragonfly

"Gee, I wonder what it's like to be a mosquito in the shower?"

The ever-amusing ursulav considers what it must be like to be a mosquito in the shower:
Port! Hard to starboard! Up! Up! OH MY GOD, THE LOOFAH! Abort! Our tiny, intrepid pilot circles, calculating her best angle of attack, diving to avoid a careless swing of the shampoo bottle. Her wings are getting sodden. The planetoid's lurching doesn't help, nor does the planetoid's tendency to sing "Did Your Mother Come From Ireland" in a voice that makes the M-wing's chitin rattle.
Context has voided its warranty, go read the whole thing.
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