September 17th, 2006


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finding_bliss tries to figure out why Larry The Cable Guy is funny.

The next time someone says Git R Done I am going to punch them in the throat with my cell phone while proclaming to have "got r did"

I don't care who you are that's funny right there

Context is banging your mom in a cheap motel.

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Workplace woes...

jackthomas reports a conversation with colleagues. daydreamweaver responds:

Your workplace has just qualified as a testing site for the Button That Sets Fire to People over the Internet. Please provide the email addresses of the idiots in the conversations above to me at your earliest conveneince. Whilst this is an alpha test and we cannot guarantee complete combustion, it should be amusing to watch if nothing else.
Locked post, QWP.
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wemblee contemplates the ultimate sacrifice ...

So, guys: what are your thoughts on yaoi mercy killings?

Would anybody be up for, you know, coming on over and mercy-killing me?

'Cause, at this point, death by writing assignment is so not as cool as getting one of my friends to plunge a ceremonial knife into my chest.

C'mon, guys, I'd let you wear a cool robe and everything.

Quipped, that's the whole post, lovelies
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i'd pay to watch *that*

ginmar lays down retribution upon the movie The Langoliers:
I want to slap everyone involved in this movie, their agents, their parents, their agents' parents, their grandparents, their agents' grandparents, the sex ed teacher who bored them so much they fell asleep during the crucial part of the class where birth control gets explained, the drugstore where they got the birth control that failed, the person that sold them the faulty birth control, the company that made it, all their CEOS, and every last employee. And their ancestors. I want to slap everyone's descendants, too, down unto the tenth generation till my hand stings and their eggs and sperm blush and recoil. I want to get ahold of whatever blackmail evidence was used against the people that made this movie and wreak destruction on the blackmailer's family, ancestors, funeral plots, houses, gardens, descendants, key their cars, glue their locks, and toilet paper their houses back to the days when they were living in igloos or whatever. I want to travel through time and go on a slapping spree to wipe out every trace of this movie and every cell of anybody who ever contributed to its existance.
Context is having a bad movie day.
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