September 15th, 2006

Your car is on fire.

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jemariel"For people who wanna be really [bleepin] hardcore - Industrial Dreads. You put bits of wire in the middle and you can make 'em stand up and stuff. That's the [bleepin] shiz."

omuse"That would be the [bleepin] shiz. You'd be like Hippie Longstocking."

Made me lol.

Original post in my journal here. Warning, language, and a lot of rambling about non-metaquotes-related stuff.
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Oy vey

A patron asked if my name (Kyla) is Jewish, and tells me about his friend Kayla. Because I care.

diminishdenigma makes fun of my annoyance:
I have a friend of a friend whos great gransfather's, third cousin's, nephew's third son by his baby's mama has a hampster named Kyla. I wonder  if the hampster is Jewish.

Context is named Kylie and lives in Tennessee, do you know it?
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I Want To Be Metaquoted When I Grow Up!

victoriana is a teacher in high school. I envy her that, because she gets great stories out of it:

I cannot laugh while my students are working.

They're doing their work, and I can't just crack up in the middle of it.

But I'm grading papers, and this one kid...

He meant to say he wanted to major in business.

But he spelled it "Bunniess"

He wants to major in Bunniess.

I am dying.

I wish my college had that major. I could sequence in Fluffiness 101 and 102.

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tubofgoodthings has just woken up from his afternoon nap

So I just had the silliest dream I've ever had.

I was napping, right? In the dream I go downstairs and my mother, surrounded by a circle of friends, tell me that Mel Gibson is dead. I'm surprised to hear that, because although Mel's had his shit this year, I didn't think he'd be.... dead.

So I look it up online and find this.


Mel Gibson sadly passed away tonight while attending a movie preview where an intoxicated Gibson sadly farted himself to death in the theater.


Holy crap. I didn't even get to see the public react to it. I woke up.

Wonder how he'd blame Jews for THAT.

(Context, public post.)
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sex ed 101

sabotabby asked her flist about how they first learned about S-E-X. zingerella responded:

[M]y poor seventh-grade Catholic school teacher sent the boys to the library and informed us that the Ministry of Education said we had to have sex education, since we were in Grade 7. Sex happened, he told us, when the man inserted his penis into the woman's vagina, and we each had a slip of paper on which we could write an anonymous question that he would answer.

I thought about it for a while, and wrote, carefully, "Why?"

It was much, much longer before I figured out the answer to that. Mr. P. apparently didn't feel qualified to attempt an answer.