September 12th, 2006

Michael Garibaldi - Babylon 5

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willowshines & her roommate--both grad students/TAs at Seton Hall--revel in "youthful adulthood":

A conversation shared between me and my roommate this morning, before leaving for work:

JESS: (emerging from bathroom in an outfit that is mainly colored black and red) Okay, I have a question. Does this look okay? I mean - I feel like it's very 'HELLO IT IS 1998 AND I LIKE LISTENING TO GARBAGE'.
RYAN: (pondering) I feel like it's more of a 1995, proto-Garbage look, which is cool, because they're too young to know to know about that.
JESS: (hugging Ryan) EXCELLENT!
RYAN: Okay, now I have a question for you (following Jess into the kitchen as she pours coffee).
JESS: Shoot.
RYAN: Is this tie too long?
JESS: Yes, yes, I'd say so. Just a little.
RYAN: OKAY. (fixes tie, JESS fixes coffee)
JESS: Much better.
RYAN: So what about the collar? Is leaving the top button open "cool" or "too scruffy"?
JESS: Definitely "cool". You look cool. Very Dead Poet's Society.

This is awesome. We are like 12 year olds playing "dress up".

Dead bird stickie

Food Slave Commandments

aoi_tsuki1 writes in customers_suck

4 Molest not the sensibilities of thy food-slaves, that thou mayest reap the benefit of their favor, and three talents of macaroni as thy eternal reward. 5 If thou must slander another food-slave, abuse not the nicest lady in existence to her fellow slave's hearing, that she may not rebuke thee by witholding the choicest morsels of the fatted calf, and deliberately serve thee with limp broccoli and burnt garlic toast in beef's stead.

The whole entry is amusing.