September 10th, 2006

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Fighting Team-Building "Exercises"

eddysworld replied to a post on my LJ about the team-building exercises I've had to follow for an MBA program:

Then they showed clips from the Wizard of Oz and asked us what we were supposed to get from this if we applied it to our work. The clincher was when they asked about the significance of the people going on the Yellow Brick Road (correct answer is teamwork, sticking together, following the rules). My answer, which effectively destroyed the exercise was "Oh, you mean get a ragtag band of people who aren't suited for travelling, have no equipment or provisions, and are going on the advice of a bunch of escapees from the circus freakshow?" My coworkers lost it, the HR rep tried to regain order and after a couple minutes she looked at me with this most serious look and honest to god said "You go home right now and think about what you did!"

Well, considering that it was 11am on a Friday, who was I to argue. I went home, thought about what I did (for about ten seconds) then started drinking.

I recommend reading all of his entry.

Context is warping HR reps' minds here.

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a cunning plan

A dosage of lovely spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam!

florahart has a tendency to analyze a bit more deeply than the average.

In my spam filter:

Have you ever dreamt to have a very hard penis during all process? Have you ever wished to have more intense final?

During all process? Well, no. For instance, were I a person of penisness, I don't suppose I would want a very hard one while being pulled over for speeding, or while reading to my child's class, or any number of other times. I'm pretty sure you're supposed to see a doctor. Also, a more intense final? Like, what, first the multiple choice section, then seventeen essay questions all in one two-hour time slot? No, actually, I don't want that, penis or not. And no one wants to grade it, either.