September 7th, 2006

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The shameful downfall of numbers

lederhosen muses on the unfortunate fate of the number 69, here.

"If I was the number 69, I'd be royally fed up with being treated as just a sexual euphemism. 69 AD was the Year Of Four Emperors, and the birth of St. Polycarp. 69 BC was the year Cleopatra was born. It's the largest integer whose factorial can be calculated on a typical scientific calculator that stops at 10100, and if you add up the divisors of the first 9 natural numbers, you get 69. It has *so* much more to be remembered for. But noooo, it's the slut of numbers because of one incident that happened waay back, when it was young and needed the money."

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“Yes?” I managed, wondering if she lived alone with no relatives who would miss her – wondering if the milk building up outside her house would be too big of a clue before the evidence had disintegrated, or if I at least had time to shave myself and burn off my fingerprints before she went somewhere else. Realising that CSI had taken all the fun out of casually murdering the elderly, I went to see what she wanted.

- whydah (QWP, and all that).

The context has your DNA on file.

Oh dear

sir_montag has some fascinating dating advice:

I may write a new book. Tentative title "The Art of War: James' Guide To Relationships"

In writing this book, I plan to answer relationship questions with my own particular brand of advice:

"Dear James,
There is this guy I'm really interested in, but every time I try to do something with him, his friends always seem to get in the way
-Miffed in RI

"Dear Miffed,
You must be cunning like the mongol chieftain, and brutal like the wind on the steppes. Corner your interest away from his friends and tell him you'd like to do something with him sometime, perhaps have a nice coffee at a café. If his friends continue to interfere, slit their throats and drink their blood from a bowl

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Damn you, CSI!

tears_of_nienna, in this post, brings the meta:

Even the most delightful daydream about killing my loudly-boinking neighbors and dumping them in the river is marred by the knowledge that Gil Grissom would totally finger me. And not in the way that I want him to, either.
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hold me retard

sassette726 has a post-Labor Day Public Service Announcement

Dear General Public,

As you may be aware, Labor Day has officially passed. This last hurrah of summertime is usually commemorated with a three-day weekend, making it easy to remember. Labor Day is the ceremonial – if not scientifically actual – beginning of fall. And we all know what that means:

It's time to put away the fraggin' white pants and shoes. Yes kids, it's that time of year. No, I don't care if Vogue says it's OK now. Vogue also says it's OK to wear leg warmers again, but you're not going to do that, are you? Didn't think so. No white below the waist past Labor Day. Period. End of story. Either switch to winter white (you know,that nice creamy shade that is in no way reminiscent of boating in the Hamptons) or suck it up and wear other colors to cover your southern regions.

Thank you for your attention,

PS:We'll talk about the unsightly rubber gardening clogs and blonde highlights on black hair some other time. But don't think these crimes have gone unnoticed.

Context is having a fashion crisis