September 6th, 2006

strangely literal

I'd chime in....

eighthcloud and her boyfriend talk about popular music in this formerly friends-locked post.

We were driving back from Port Huron this morning listening to the radio. A song comes on, and Nate looks at me and says "Who sings this song? Massacre at the Ballroom?"

Me: ::blink:: Who?
Nate: Massacre at the Ballroom. You know, with the wedding video?
Me: You mean Panic at the Disco?
Nate: Yeah, same difference. What a weird name for a band.

QWP and such. :-)
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SINFEST// buddha rokk

believing is hungry.

"As you may or may not know, everything the light touches is ours. Unfortunately this excludes the cereal, which is in a cabinet and the light does not touch it. Hence, we had nothing to eat this morning. (And no, this is not because your ruler was too short to reach the boxes. Most certainly not. Anyone who says so shall be beheaded.) Down but not out, we decided to try our luck at the student center, where we found bagels. But alas, they were out of plain bagels, so we had to get an egg bagel, which we do not much like, but it is better than nothing. Now we are full, and we are happy, and later we will attempt to conquer the cereal boxes and claim the cabinets as part of our kingdom."

Here. Locked post, QWP. :D
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Quote, please

yunatwilight on, of all things, quoting. Overquoting movies, to be exact:

Unfortunately, Monty Python in general (and Red Dwarf and The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy) were all permanently ruined for me that way.

Back when we were playing D&D three times a week I used to dock people experience points for quoting inappropriately during a gaming session (your medieval street urchin used to bullseye womprats in Beggar's Canyon, uh-huh, right) but I stopped when I realized that no one was gaining levels. Ever.

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