September 2nd, 2006


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Dear Jay-Z,

Pls be getting a restraining order on your girlfriend. I heard "Deja Vu," and it was a good song, but she started screaming at the end of it because she a) thought she was Mariah Carey, who needs to scream to show off her l33t octave skills, b) though she was the lead singer of a rock band, c) IS PSYCHOTICALLY IN LOVE WITH YOU AND WANTS EVERYONE TO KNOW!!!111111111111111!!!1

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buongiornodaisy here:

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In a Barbie World...

fawnfawn thinks about aging, here:

I was 11... in 1992.

Yeah, yeah. All you guys might be older and "I'm still young; I'm only 25!"

...But seriously, I look back and I can't help but think if I was my Barbie, I'd be a doctor and have 2 kids and a white ferrari by now... Sure I'd be living under a glass coffee table and have massive wedding ceremonies where guests sit on tissue boxes on my parent's bed, but I'd have a tan hard-plastic bodied husband by now.

Damn Daleks

brooklinegirl spent yesterday helping a friend move:
Randa has an air condition that sits on the floor and is about five feet tall and honestly looks like nothing so much as a Dalek. I mention this to Randa, and ask how the fuck we're going to get it down the stairs. She says, without hesitation, "Too bad it can't just el-e-vate."