September 1st, 2006


Emigrees from The Auld Country, take note

ambross gives advice to ravenmuse as she leaves Ireland to take up a college course in the UK:

ravenmuse: Can anyone think of anything I should invest in here before I go to England?

ambross: A pot of Irish soil, your lucky charms, a picture of your cow "Noreen", your dog "molly" who is clearly a sheep, a pint of Guinness in a thermos flask, some whiskey in a hip flask, some whiskey just poured all over your fully green outfit that you wear to your first lecture, a basket of spuds, a bag of fertilizer that you carry around "just in case", a small wooden pipe, a really big feck-off stick, and finally, load it all onto the back of a Mossy 550 tractor.

And if people start stereo-typing you, just stop talking to your imaginary leprechaun on your shoulder, whisper instead.

Edit: Original post can be found here.

Edit Part Two: I think we have established that Ireland is not in the UK. Pay no attention to anybody (I'm looking at you, ambross) who tells you otherwise.
who ever heard of a clockwork orange?

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alchemywow fears the wrath of fridge magnets:

I was washing up the other day, and it was hellish. The kitchen was in danger of going rotten, and there were no clean cups, so it had to be done really. I was scraping something or other off of the bottom of a pan, the water tepid and murky with matter by this stage, when up through the detritus floated a little white oblong. It was a word from the fridge poetry, fallen as if to cast judgement on us all, for the word was 'filthy'. Amused me, anyway.

Soup? Why didn't context get any soup?