August 31st, 2006

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allogenes manufactures a class I wish existed

Computer Science 313 - Religious Studies 401
Christian Theology from the Perspective of UNIX System Administration
Spring Semester, 2006

Final Exam

Time: Two hours. Use the blue book provided. Using what you have learned in class and what you know to be true, answer all the questions.

[1] (a) Is God root? Why or why not? Could it be that God, as defined in Christianity, might not be root?

(b) What is the theological significance of being able to bind to ports below 1024?

[2] (a) The question "when did Jesus know that he was God" is a much debated topic in theology. Is Jesus what happens when God does not log in to the universe as root? Discuss.

Context is reading the f****** manual
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Villains + Beer = ?

If villains were beer, the Dark Lords of the Sith would be Heineken, Dr. Doom would be Guinness (both overrated, natch), Lex Luthor would be Sam Adams, and most of the rank-and-file X-Men villains would be Pabst Blue Ribbon. Draco Malfoy would be a half empty can of Sprite Zero that goes flaty [sic] after it sits in your car for three weeks.

--mike_smith gets existential while doing yet another Harry Potter book review.

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Yolande - Wed Aug 30, 9:24 AM ET

TWATOWN- Hurricane Red , otherwise known as Uncle Satanicus, Bringer of Menstrual pain, arrived in the quiet town of Ovarius, Vaginon early this morning. The Host has already provided a Tamponic Dam to prevent flooding in the Southern Pantie regions. Red is expected to trickle for another half a day or so but the dam might not be enough to prevent the Impending Flooding forecasted for this evening. A panty-liner has been layed out between the dam and Flowery Red Thong, one of the flourishing Pantie regions, but let us hope and pray that the Tamponic Dam would not cede.

Update - Twatown is uneasy this afternoon after an unexpected bloodclot slide may have clogged the defective dam, resulting in a breach and innundating the panty-liner. The town was also shaken by a serie of magnitude 7 cramps. The Host has been sedated with 2 Vicodins and has threatened to sue TAMPAXinc.

charamelle's, err... "situation" is making headlines
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Booze and Babies

anne_nahm, QWP:

    1. Mild hang-over. (And on that subject? My plan to have a beer and write something horribly embarrassing for your entertainment just dwindled into watching Scrubs on the couch last night.) (I guess the motto of that story is "don't expect booze to solve your creativity problems". And I'll probably just have to test that motto a couple hundred more times in my life. Just to make sure. And also, yes, it was a Wednesday night. What? Motherhood is kind of like college. Except now, Humpday is drunk day because Thursday is Preschool.)