August 30th, 2006

Forget Regret

It's all in the tone

prettywittygirl comments on political ad campaigns:

Oh, God. You should see/hear some of these commercials they're running for the gubernatorial race. "Gallagher: Liberal. Pro-Choice. Anti-Gun." Sounds like somebody you'd vote for, no? Too bad the announcer's tone of voice said, "Gallagher: Like Hitler. Eats babies. Killed your grandma."

**This ad paid for endorsed by a guy who prides himself on being a "Ronald Reagan" republican. WTF is a Ronald Reagan Republican? RRR? Is that like the KKK?

This is the entire post. Sorry - This is my virgin post and I forgot to include the link.
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A Smackdown to Katherine Harris

crevette has this to say to the GOP senatorial candidate from Florida:

You're a 'Christian', so is she [Tammy Faye]. And you might be right except for the fact that you're an evil bitch, and she isn't.
. . .
And most especially do NOT use a recording to tell me to vote for your fucking worthless, overly made up, corrupt, graft taking ass because you're going to protect my Christian 'family values'.

Context is bitchslapping its subject here.
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o r'lyeh

It's amazing what you can find in garage sales these days...

spottylogic is showing a bemused thrifthorror community some interesting items he saw in a local junk shop.

First up is a handmade image of one of the Elder Gods:

Why did someone make this? Did the conversation go "My mom likes blue, tentacular entities, but I can't afford an actual graven image, they're so expensive!"

I'm sure, she'll love it because you made it. She'll probably stick it on the back shelf with her other resin-cast slime-horrors.

And the other item is what looks like a medieval instrument of torture:

Maybe you do things to fruit with it. Fruit that you hate.

If you have an orange that you've developed a deep and passionate grudge against--maybe it broke up your marriage, or cost you a promotion--you use this thing on it. It's not much good for extracting juice, or getting a nice clean cut, but god, you should hear the orange scream.

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