August 29th, 2006

oh holy shit
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My brother: Get that guy a needle, because he has a bad case of a swelled head.
Lishan: ...I swear, my first reaction to that was "...but if his intercranial pressure is high, doesn't mean they CAN'T do a lumbar puncture?" and then I was like "STOP WATCHING HOUSE."

-cronopio, here, qwp.
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2_gryphon takes one for the team.

For those who've heard my show this year, you might recall my story about Germany last year. Particularly, "Zee gryphon 2, vill be zhot in zee courtyard in five minutes!" I told this story at Eurofurence also. The group photo announcement on the Sunday after my show was as follows... "Zee group photo shoot will be in zee courtyard in five minutes. Also... zee gryphon 2, will be shot IMMEDIATELY! Danke!"

Context has a few things to say about food, as well.
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