August 28th, 2006

do not lie horizontal, my sign, homeless

In which Pluto has been defriended

In which Pluto has been defriended, by opiumgaze

In which Pluto has been defriended. :(
solarsystem: lolz, frendz cut!
mercury: omg i survived yay ty!!!!!!!!!!!!!
venus: <3!!
earth: ILU
mars: :DDDDDD
jupiter: HELLO
saturn: You're the best, omg.
uranus: thx for keeping me!
neptune: omg, I was worth keeping? ♥
pluto: ADD ME BACK PLZ???????

(Please ignore the fact that Pluto is a community, apparently.)

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sailor kiss

earis has a new pasttime:

I enjoy fucking with people. Like yesterday, I went to Target to pick up some looseleaf paper and binders and I wore my Boondock Saints shirt. The black shirt with a big white cross on it with the words VERITAS and AEQUITAS. I am sure people thought this meant I was Christian. They smiled at me. I smiled back, knowing deep down that my pagan presence was bringing them one step closer to hell. Hey, they're the ones suffering a violence and gay incest loving witch to live.

The context lives in Texas.
deelieboppers sharpened

By the power of Grayskull!

Quoth xiphias,
I am having trouble believing that a show about a guy with two identities, one of which is a muscular, passive bleached-blond guy wearing purple tights, Ugg boots, and a satin vest, and the other one of which being a tanned, muscular bleached-blond guy with a redundantly masculine name wearing a BDSM harness, can be created unintentionally.

Context's sword just gushes power. (the 'unintentional homoeroticism' in He-Man)

Theorizing that one could get a book from Amazon within her own lifetime . . .

ursulav checked her mail and found . . . something else.

A book arrived while I was taking a nap. I heard the thump, and went "Yay! My copy of Entropia! At last!" I jumped up, grabbed the package, opened it, and...

Funny, I don't remember ordering the Manual of Perioperative Care In Adult Cardiac Surgery, Fourth Edition.

Also, my name's not John, and this isn't Philadelphia.

After a quick check in the mirror to make sure this wasn't a Quantum Leap thing, I called Amazon. Their computers are down, so they told me to call back in an hour.

I am starting to wonder if the gods are conspiring to make sure that I never get a copy of Entropia. Somewhere, perhaps Dr. John is feeling the same way about his manual. (I wish this frustration on no man, but it's nice to think that somewhere, someone is staring at their copy of Entropia going "Wait--what? This isn't about sewing those little tubes together!"

And then in the comments . . .

aint2nuts: God wants you to start on a new career. Love, Amazon

ursulav: No human being deserves to be on an operating table with their heart going down, and have their last, fading vision be me going "Man, I am so blogging THIS one!"
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deelieboppers sharpened

Grimclown addresses other drivers. . .

Also, to the teenagers last week who honked at me, laughing. I just want you kids to know that some day you might find yourself sitting at a stop light, looking in the rear view mirror at the hairs unattractively growing out of your nose. And maybe, just maybe, you will realize that the most expedient way to take care of it is with the toenail clippers you keep in your ashtray. I hope that when this happens to you in say, your late 30's or early 40's, that some young punks will honk and laugh at you. I don't think you will have the same class and courtesy as I extended to you, offering to trim their nostril hairs with toenail clippers.</a>
The rest of the post, involving varied definitions of 'Ho!', was also funny, but this part made me laugh.
dark goat

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420lunchbox's mother sleeps lightly, but not wisely:

My mom asked me this morning if I had gotten woken up at 4 am by some strange noise.

I told her I hadn't and she asked my dad the same thing. He also said that he hadn't been awoken by any weird noise.

She then said, "Well ... all I know is at 4 this morning, there was some really weird noise that woke me up. It sounded like bubbles ... or a dog barking ... or someone tapping on something."

Me and my dad looked at each other VERY confused, wondering how the hell any of those three sounds could be grouped together as sounding similar.

My mom continued to grumble about this noise waking her up until an hour ago when both my parents were downstairs and my dad farted.

Mom: "THAT'S THE NOISE!!! That's the noise that woke me up. What was that?? (ten seconds pass as my dad and I stare in shock) And what is that smell? Did one of you just fart?"

Context sounds like bubbles ... or a dog barking ... or someone tapping