August 27th, 2006


The next step is dyeing its blossoms black and writing bad poetry...

"So I go outside, and start poking at the branches. There was no damage, but at the end of one little branch, rather than a leaflet, there was a little raised bump which was lighter green than the rest of the cactus, with a little speck in the center. And when I popped it, all the trapped sap came out. Cactus sap is white and sticky.

So essentially, my cactus had a blackhead." -dorkphoenyx

Context has been reading too much tmi_chix
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noneedofcrepe on how DVDs really get scratched:

"...Sometimes" Hannah continued where Kenzie left off, "things happen and we don't know why. And even though you might feel it's your fault..." she paused and let out a sigh, then finished with, "It's usually your sister's."

Quoted from an entry in my journal here. QWP, of course.