August 25th, 2006

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A letter to Chocolate from eyra

An Open Letter to the Most Esteemed and Holy God of Chocolate, the Dashing Rogue, from Your Humble and Adoring Servant:

I love You. I think You're perfect. Of course You're perfect. Thank You for being You.

That said.

Please cease Your ill-conceived affairs with Rasberry and Cherry immediately. I do believe They know about Each Other, and have decided to sabotage your Offspring. Now, I know Vanilla (the lying hussy) has probably told You that You are perfect with Each of Them, but really, did we learn nothing from the time She told You that Peanut Butter was using You? You cannot listen to Her. She is merely attempting to gain ascendancy in the ancient Chocolate-Vanilla debate. She lies.

(This, of course, should not stop You and Vanilla from fornicating in any gallon of ice cream You pass).

Most Humbly and Respectfully,

(P.S. You and Strawberry should carry on as always. Thank You)

Context is getting it on with Raspberry.
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moraiwe has a movie moment

The post itself is f-locked but is quoted here in its entirety with full, embarrassed permission.

Edit: She's unlocked it now.
Subject: He <3's me

Last night I had Conn [her boyfriend] write something sweet on my hand because I was drunk and I wanted everyone to know he loved my hand.

So I decided to go to sleep and not wash it off. I also decided to sleep with that part of my hand on my face.

Ever seen "Never Been Kissed"? I re-enacted a scene from that movie this morning by yes, taking a shower...but failing to look in the mirror.

I got in the elevator and heard strange snickers from the people next to me. I had the feeling I was being stared at. I wondered if it was the new ratty unwashed hair of mine, or something else.

Something else.

Good thing I went to the bathroom to pee pee. I had a large backwards copied print of what Conn had written on my face (see title of this post) bright blue ink.

I am SUCH a dork.
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The final straw...

princekermit on why he won't see the remake of The Wicker Man.

"If I'm going to pay $10 to see this abomination, I want slug sex, and I want a Booty Slapping Dance, g*ddammit! I mean COME ON, PEOPLE - it's filmed in the friggin' Pacific Northwest! If you can't find two geofucks ducking, you're not trying hard enough! And if Leelee Sobieski serves ANY purpose being named "Sister Honey" it's so she can slap the booty and pound on the wall just like Britt Ekland (and her body double) did, dammit." even though it's locked.