August 23rd, 2006

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lustofapioneer is fully aware that IKEA does sell everything...

As a co-worker of IKEA, I highly recommend this f-locked post, qwp

sfubc:  Well I'm so outta my house right now. The world's biggest spider is in my kitchen, and it escaped before I could get myself to my bottle of all natural instant spider killer. I bet it's pissed that I killed all it's brethren ritualistically over the course of the past month so now it's left it's home and coming after me. Fuck. I'm going to IKEA where it's safe.

lustofapioneer's reply:  IKEA has spiders too, but you have to put them together with an allan key before they can bite you :P
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Because Superman's an easy target :-P

pet_lunatic on Superman's secretiveness:

"We ate lunch out, then went to see 'Superman Returns'. An interesting experience for me since I didn't know he'd been away. Anyway, apparently he's back. Kevin Spacey was good, as always. But I'm baffled as to how a bloke who wears his knickers over a pair of blue tights can save the universe so effectively...also why he bothers being so secretive when every single person in the world knows the exact size and shape of his penis."
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Where Have The Smart People Gone

misia on relationships... (

In re: the much-talked-about sexist Forbes article many folks have been referencing today...the one about how men shouldn't marry "career women" because then they run a higher risk of facing "rocky" marriages... I have one thing to say, and I'm going to say it as a public service announcement for all and sundry:

Autonomous people who can support themselves economically have little compelling reason to stay in otherwise unrewarding relationships. If they do remain in those relationships, they have little compelling reason to remain monogamous if they do not wish to do so -- because they can afford, quite literally, to take the risk of having a relationship end.

This has always been true. The only reason any of this is even remotely newsworthy is that feminism has generated a few strides toward genuine equality and now women increasingly have the opportunity to consider relationships and marriage in more or less the same dynamic as men have historically taken for granted.

Moral of the Story: Heterosexual men are just gonna hafta figure out how to do better at being partners to women, because just having a dick and a paycheck ain't gonna cut it any more.



hobbitblue was having an interesting awake/sleep.

Lapdog on a Helicopter

I was woken this morning by the little boy next door who has a set of lungs on him like a foghorn-manque or maybe will have a potential career as a towncrier. He was counting, loudly, "Fourteen, fifteen, SEVENTEEN!" and I idly wondered what had happened to poor sixteen, and had he actually counted to sixteen or seventeen given that he missed a number. And then my brain decided to count in Russian, and then started composing sentences in Russian, rather badly as I'm very rusty and have forgotten a lot of my vocab.

And amongst other things it wanted to say "Snakes on a plane", except I don't know the word for snake, and I unremember the word for plane, and the closest I could get was "lapdog on a helicopter" which is possibly not something Samuel L Jackson would be as keen on.

My brain is weird. Luckily it dozed off again after that, as did I...

Context is hissing and swearing in russian here

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Animated Name

Wrong diagnosis... really wrong...

scarletdemon reassures a recent client:

CLIENT: Ever since I've been on these new meds my voice has come back.

ME: Oh good!

CLIENT: My old voice, the one I used to have.

ME: That's good!

CLIENT: Why do you keep saying it's GOOD?

ME: Didn't you want your old voice back?

CLIENT: Not really...It's the one that keeps telling me to stab myself.

Ooops! I don't think I had the right end of the stick there...I thought she'd had a sore throat.

QWP and all that jazz...

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