August 22nd, 2006


How to catch a terrorist

autographedcat realized exactly how we need to track down Osama bin Laden:

The Army simply needs to form the 1st Armoured Paparazzi Division. We assemble a unit of the world's top celebrity photographers, air drop them onto the Afghanistan/Pakistan border, and within two weeks, we'll be getting shots of Osama going into his cave with a newspaper held up to block his face.

Read the whole thing here.
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Got cramps?

lepetitemort describes how to simulate menstrual cramps.

Take a corkscrew. Jam it into yourself about two inches under your belly button.
Twist it.
Have an enemy, not a good friend, punch you repeatedly directly on the corkscrew handle
Repeat the punching every 7 minutes.

Go take some Midol and see if that feels better. You might also, over the course of this, lose the same amount of blood.
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