August 18th, 2006

Joss Equality Now

(The male) dedbutdrmng ruins someones day and makes ours

Then the someone brushed against my rear. It was not an accidental brush, it was purposeful and probably well practiced.

This irritated me.

So I turned around to be confronted by a man in his late forties, maybe early fifties who was grinning at me in slack jawed manner that said "I really enjoyed doing that and there's nothing you can do about it as I made it appear like an accident". He was not an attractive man, in fact he had the distinct look (and scent) of the sad and lonely. But my was he happy.

Very happy.
Foolishly happy.
Utterly mistaken in his happiness.
And when he looked at me, he realised he had made an error.
He was no longer happy.
His face fell.
He became dismayed.
He was unhappy.
So I gave him a big grin. Because I was happy.

Then several comments later

I grew up on the cautionary tales of Edward Lear. I only thought it fair to share this cautionary tale of Edward Leer.

Context is getting it's comeuppance here.
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sclerotic_rings wonders about Georgians:

Do roving bands of Atlanta youths throw people against the wall, scream "What's your ZIP code?", and beat the shit out of those who answer correctly? Do kindergarten teachers spend their time burning the fingers of precocious children as an example to others that they shouldn't have forbidden knowledge of postal codes? Are the local TV and radio stations pumping out subliminal messages telling Georgia residents that big scaly monsters will eat them if they dare give up their correct contact information? Is it a Congressional plot to make sure that nobody in the state knows who his or her US Senator and Representative are, ensuring that nobody realizes that the state switched to a monarchy back in 1971? Are aliens implanting control devices that inflict crippling pain whenever the words "ZIP" and "code" flash through the wearer's brain? Is this a deliberate plot for the state to hang onto technology rightfully intended for Alabama, such as fire and agriculture?

Context refuses to give its ZIP code.....