August 17th, 2006

zombies and braiiiiiiiiiiiiiiins

liquid_chi: I'm searching my memory... and I can only think of one or two instances where zombies said "braaiiiinnss" and those were video games. I wonder how that stereotype got started anyway?

Snooty undead connoisseurs?

If I come back from the dead I'm totally going on an all-brains diet.

wavesandmoon: *laughs* Maybe that's it. But then, you never hear zombies going "Foie graaaaaaas, escargooooooooot", do you?

liquid_chi: But I thought I heard one say "merloooooot". But I was tired and heavily medicated.

unlocked post, qwp, mangia!
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I'm just MQ'ing my whole flist...

Public Service Announcements
1. The person who first said jumping rope was the best form of exercise was a sadist who kicked puppies.

2. If you haven't jumped rope in a decade or so, you will fuck yourself up. And you're not that coordinated.

3. No matter how much you weigh or how graceful you are, you will land on the side of your foot. And it'll hurt. Wear sneakers.

4. Men, support. Support is really good. That's a bad feeling. Slappy slappy.

5. Don't jump robe topless. You may exercise like that normally. It may not be a problem normally. But if your hands get sweaty, you may lose the rope. Or it might go off course . . . . and whip an exposed nipple. That's not good at all.
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should have demanded his money back

voidmonster must have eaten something bad before bedtime:
So the other day I was having this dream. As it happens, my dreams occasionally have opening credits. It had never been particularly remarkable until this one, though. The dream announced to me that Eminem had a major speaking part.

So I had the unusual experience of walking out of my dream-theater. I would've asked for a refund if anyone had been working the till.
That's all, folks, but context is trying real hard to get insomnia.
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damionreed Is a One Woman Sideshow Man

Amy recently got a tarantula from a Craigslist poster who wanted it to go to a good home. She used to care for tarantulas and a variety of other creepy crawly things while she was working at the Academy of Natural Sciences. She is overjoyed at her new pet. She informed me recently that one of her life's goals it to have a tarantula, a snake and a monkey. She likes dogs and cats too, as she pointed out, "Dogs are cool, but a monkey could bring me a beer."

She looked off into the distance for a moment before turning to me purposefully to say.

"A monkey will bring me a beer."

God I love her.

Context can play the guitar with it's legs behind it's neck

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hirotanik muses on secret societies:

I've always wondered how those secret societies in colleges tell their newly-invited members that they're, well, invited. Apparently, it does not involve intrigue, mysterious symbols in blood on your dorm door, or general smoke and mirror tricks.

In fact, at Cornell, they "tap" you in the middle of the night. On your shoulder. While wearing swishy cloaks and doing a rendition of Harry Potter, or something.

Yeah, if someone mysteriously "tapped" me on a midnight stroll through campus, my first reaction would be to punch first and ask questions later. Shady, shady places, secret societies are, with their "tapping" and all.