August 16th, 2006


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From spinallandscape

So.... every now and then, I go into some of my disorganized clothing drawers (which is mostly just underwear and socks and bras etc) and.... i pull out some pairs of underwear... I never bought.

Like.. I have never seen them before.

Now, I know that my mom still will buy me some sometimes.... But... I don't live with her. It's not like she can sneak them in my drawer. And if she did they would have tags etc.

So....where are these things coming from? I mean.. they're pretty, and I like them... but i have never seen them before, in my life.

I apparently have reverse underwear gnomes.


It's a locked post, but here's the link anyway
Malcolm Reynolds - Firefly

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bladeliger continues on his Plutonian commentary, this time tackling what's it's like to be the solar system's Donny:

Turns out Pluto's not pissed so much as just dejected. The Thanksgiving turkey is safe (for now), but now Pluto self-esteem is lower than its surface temperature. Don't worry, li'l fella. I know how you feel. It's just like during the Summer of Self-Love when Nic, Stephen, and their clique turned their back on me for being unemployable riff-raff with a kinky pee fetish. Don't fret, little one. You don't need those jerks.

I mean, look at the planets you were hanging out with:
Jupiter: the red spot was from last Fourth of July when he did a no-no with a bottle rocket while strung out on Jäger.
Saturn: total goth. Probably has a LiveJournal called "Despair of the Rings".
Uranus: yeah, too easy.
Mercury: Venus'll attest to him being faster than a speeding comet.
Mars: just another dick who thinks he's a bad ass. The Steven Seagal of the solar system.
Neptune: he's into the "watersports", if you know what I mean.
Earth: total whore. She's infested with something. Life, I think they call it.
Venus: she's like Alicia Silverstone in
Clueless, only she never learns the moral of the story.

vinnysbigmouth in co_workes_suck....

On the merits of using the bible as a way to validate adultery:

"isn't there something in there that specifically says "Thou shalt not bone around on thine husbandeth?" I mean, I'm paraphrasing, but words to that effect appear somewhere in there, right? I think she's hoping that there'll be a little footnote number next to it, with an explanation at the bottom saying "But not you, Tammy. It's cool."

QWP, context is here:
Biblical Abominations!

Fizzyland gives the Religious Right a 404 error.

Conservative: See, homosexual people are bad because they are so promiscuous.
Liberal: I have a solution - let them marry and hence, be stable.
Conservative: No, we can't do that - then we'd be condoning their unnatural relationships.
Liberal: So, they're promiscuous because you won't let them marry?
Conservative: 404 ERROR: NOT FOUND IN BIBLE.

QWP. Context married a homosexual.
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punkgeezer's contribution to the world of biology

Now, I'm a veggie animal loving kind of guy, I like all animals. I hate animal cruelty.......however, I live right by the sea, and every morning I am woken at an ungodly hour by the squawking of literally hundreds of seagulls.

I wish they would just die.

But I love all animals, so how could I possibly want them to all die?

Then it struck me, if I love all animals but I hate them........they can't be animals.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my belief that seagulls are in fact vegetables.

And as such, they get everything they deserve.

F'locked, QPD, sauce: