August 14th, 2006

rich and famous

aracale shares a few thoughts about rapture.

In response to this, aracale has a few things to say.

Excuse me? What? We're now indexing armageddon? This just proves my point that heaven and hell had a business merger during the Reformations. Let's take a peek of what they're indexing, shall we?

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QWP from a flocked post. Context is here (because I can't think of anything witty.)
Edit: aracale has  been kind enough to make the post public so you can read the whole thing now. I recommend it. Good stuff.
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Survival of the fittest

nwhepcat writes in her journal here:

So Huz and I are eating our bratwursts at the little table across from the Scouts' table, watching the kid who served us chew on the plastic serving gloves, stretching out the fingers, and taking them off to slap at flies and bees with them. This is just one of those times you have to tell yourself this is a great workout for your immune system, and when the next plague comes, your body will thank you for exposing it to manageable amounts of vileness. And as Huz said, "I've been eating Boy Scout dogs and burgers for years, and I'm not dead yet."
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Pirate Kitty

This is an odd one- more 'really fascinating' than funny...

Right now I want to submerge myself in the snore of a half-sleeping cat like a warm pool of calmness. I want to snuggle my girl in a sun spot and inhale the chocolate-like scent of a tomcat's head. I want to meditate on the sliver-irised mandalas of their eyes. I want to grow old as their patient servitor, deaf with the purr of my cats, blind with their heavy-lidded gaze. Like some crazy cat lady riddled with Toxoplasma gondii, I do their parasitic bidding, and yearn to learn their secrets of tranquility. I am brought low, not by their strength but by their yielding.

Some say Louis Wain went mad in search of the archetypal cat. I think rather he drew them to stay sane.

caprinus has even more interesting cat stories
Malcolm Reynolds - Firefly

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bladeliger opines on the whereabouts of NASA archives & what makes a planet...

It was one small step for man, but one giant leap to the unemployment line for the poor soul responsible. NASA cannot find the original tape recording of the Apollo 11 moon landing. They've spent over a year looking for it, but they can't find it.

"Honey, I can't find the original tape of the moon landing!"
"Did you look on the nightstand?"
"Yeah, it's not there."
"Did you look in your pockets?"
"Yes, it's the first place I looked!"
"Where did you leave it last?"
"If I knew that, I wouldn't be looking for it!"

In other space news, Pluto is likely to remain a planet. The Big Get-Together of Astronomy Dudes and Dudettes is going to create a new category for Pluto, "Xena", and (possibly) Ceres. In essence, the solar system set up a kid's table and told Pluto to "go mind the kids". No word yet if Pluto is going spit on the next Thanksgiving turkey in retaliation.