August 13th, 2006

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velocityboy contemplates the contents of his wallet:

There was a mere solitary Abraham Lincoln, sitting there all ready to be assassinated in my Kenneth Cole calfskin. A fiver gets me my Starbucks. It also got me my coffee at Joe's, or a beer without tip at most bars. Another dollar value useless to the casino, it still is allowed in my wallet, in solitude, for its ability to buy a pack of cigarettes (at least for now). A five-dollar tip to Thirsty Burlington allowed me to crack a joke about Wellfleet, a joke Thirsty took and ran with. Other than the history of Lincoln's presidency, the five dollar bill rather bores me. It's sad that Lincoln got the penny and the five-dollar bill. Washington lucked out and got the non-state-honoring quarters, as well as the stripper cash. Everyone looks at Washington daily, even if just to do coin-op laundry or to thank Tawny for showing her tits. Lincoln gets thrown in stagnant pools of water, drowned for "luck". Lincoln gets left in little plastic trays at the convenience store so the next guy can "take a penny" should he need one. Lincoln can't even go gambling. Most machines take nothing smaller than a ten...

QWP, and the whole post is neat.

Context works hard for the money...
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So, I was going to just take a carry-on to Paraguay, but they're discouraging such behaviors. also, I wouldn't be able to take sunscreen. Or frosting. And I *have* to take frosting. I'm taking cakemix, too. Of course, the TSA would probably confiscate the funfetti cake mix and frosting, on account that I was obviously going to make a CAKEBOMB. in my girl scout mess kit.

- karinny (Found here, QWP.)
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ellixis, a/k/a "I can only be invisible if you're not looking," writes in note_to_cat:

Attn: User
Re: Cat Tree 2.0

The planned update to your Cat Tree 1.0 platform has been carried out. New features include a sturdier infrastructure, a more stable launching point for access to the Windowsill and Cat Hammock programs, updated claw maintenance menus, and more resistance to DOG-HAXX. While the new interface may seem intimidating at first, we are confident that with use, you will become accustomed to Cat Tree 2.0. We hope you will enjoy the updated version.


QWP, totally context-free here.
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