August 9th, 2006


Sadly, this is my life too...

Dave is a very fit Englishman with a pleasant smile and a tall, lanky frame. He plays squash and surfs. And he is a mechanical Sphinx.

See, the thing about Dave is that he spends his days caught between Brandon’s endless narration of his own life and his chatty wife, and yet he remains absolutely silent throughout this surging sea of conversation, the hint of a smile curling up around the edges of his lips. Hours will go by wherein Dave just sits silently and watches, resisting even the need to nod or grunt affirmations in response to things. He is like a lifelike marionette, or perhaps a Realdoll for a world that fetishizes Englishmen.

Then you mention directions. Or local history.

At which point Dave lurches into life, telling these fabulous facts about the area, sharing these interesting stories about the time he went here and almost got blown up by an IRA bomb or the time he went surfing and got lost in the wrong country, and he’ll share this story, and then suddenly his time will be up and he will lapse back into a stony silence.

I kept looking for the coin slot on his back. Or a wind-up key.

-theferrett wants to take you to the gay bar, gay bar!

Context actaully is about a gay bar. Fair warning: