August 8th, 2006


kabidge on the intrinsic beauty of the English language

" Well, just recently a certain phrase came up on MSN.

"That is teh shit"

This got me thinking, if "the shit" = good, then what do we use to describe something better? "Shittier"? Try as I might, I cannot think of a different phrase to be used. How... odd. Here I was thinking "shittier" referred to something inferior. Am I just missing the obvious, or am I correct?

If something is the "shit", does that mean that something better is "shittier"?"

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Arbor ancien

How's your mythos feeling today?

Five minutes later he showed up, fighting off a cold. Many jibes were made about next time showing up in his flat, cooking him various ethnic varieties of chicken soup, and doing exercises while he directed from a reclining position. He has the (mis?)fortune of teaching a trinity of ladies of the type that express fondness by stuffing a person full of food and remedies as soon as they are too sick to run away from it. We're like the Norns of Nag.

Context has succumbed to NyQuil.
dark goat

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acrasie discusses a clip linked to over at wtf_inc:

"Woman tasered by police
Woman is pulled over by police and decides to take an aggressive approach with the ticketing officers who reply in kind. I'd have tasered her too after she refused to move or turn off her cell phone and kept talking into it after I asked her to get out of her car. Of course, I would taser anyone talking on a cell phone when they shouldn't be (and it isn't an emergency). Seriously. In a restaurant on your phone? Tasered. In a public bathroom? Tasered. At the counter of the post office? Tasered. List goes on."

The context is SHOCKED!.

I always wanted a Scandanavian monarch...

fizzylizard marvels at the wonder that is IKEA...

It's official.

IKEA really do sell everything.

You want a stuffed Viking as a conversation starter - sort of the equivalent to an elephant foot umbrella stand or a small, ornamental and decidedly abstract sculpture? IKEA will find you an authentic stuffed Viking as a conversation starter. They also sell the sculptures.

You want the satin ABBA jumpsuits? They'll get the jumpsuits for you.

You have a sudden mad desire to own Stockholm? They will dig through the storeroom, and then they will sell you Stockholm. Whether or not you get King Carl Gustaf remains to be seen...but you do get Stockholm. That has to be worth something.


Context is for Walmart shoppers
evil shiny!

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dar_actually has a slight issue with certain aspects of Voyager's scripts:

Sue Of Nine: "My nanoprobes can bring anyone back from the dead, although it only seems to work on main cast members. My nanoprobes can also repair the ship, cook, clean, trim your hair, brush your teeth, make your breath fresh, fix the squeaky chair and even form an impressive Phil Collins tribute band."

Nanoprobes: "There's a girl that's been on mah miiiiind, all the time! Sue-sue-sussudio!"

Recycled TNG plot device/alien/anomaly: "AGGGHHHH! Phil Collins! NOOOO!"

Torres: "Captain, it's working! Clearly the recycled TNG plot device/alien/anomaly is a Peter Gabriel fan! If I reroute a tachyon pulse through the phase inverters via the plasma manifold, it should create an quantum flux that'll sound like 'Easy Lover'!"

"That'll overload the warp drive and leave us stranded with no way to get home! Do it!"

( The context is looking for a way home from here. )
Beads 2

lord_of_spoons pops it (

To whom it may concern,

I stand here, alone, and there are corpses all around me, as far as the eye can see. It is probable that I will join them soon...these are most likely my final words. The attack was swift and sudden, we could do nothing to defend ourselves. We used to be so many, but now we are so there even a "we" anymore? Am I the last? This is a nightmare, surely...if only that were possible, but alas, my mind is not so corrupted that it could conjure this.

I watched. It's all that I could do. I watched as my brothers were crushed, as their life burst out from them and left only twisted, empty shells. All of them, friends I've known for as long as I can remember, gone.

So caught up in thought, I suddenly realize that the monstrosity responsible for this slaughter now hovers above me, far too horrible and complex to describe. I do not fear death...I have already lost everything.

"How? How could you destroy all that I held dear!?"

How...? On a whim, and with ease. Did you not see?

"Monster! Why would you do this!?"

Why wouldn't I? You are insignificant and ending you gives me pleasure. I delight at the sensation of your form bursting under pressure and at the sound of your last dying scream. Incidentally, make peace with your God while you are still able...

So, that's how I imagine it would go if bubble wrap could talk.


Kids say the darndest things!

M: (5 years old, typical little boy, into superheroes and knights and stuff, in camoflage pants) LOOKIT MY PANTS, TEACHER!!
me: Oh, I LOVE them! Did you know my boyfriend is in the army, and he has to wear pants like that all the time?
M: .... in the army?
me: yeah, you know, he's a soldier.
M: Like, a footsoldier? He wears armor and a sword and guards castles???
me: .... not... quite. He's a soldier with computers and phones.
M: ...... like... a Power Ranger??
me: um... No. Have you ever seen the Hulk? You know the guys with the tank? he's like them. Only nice.
M: (thinks for a few moments.) YOU'RE BOYFRIEND'S THE HULK????

leyse teaches some very interesting kids this summer.
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