August 4th, 2006

World Wars, reenacted in my journal....

uncut_diamond: t3h_epic and I tried to form a mutual defence pact once, but he folded like Superman on laundry day. Want to join forces to try and save ourselves from the evil girls?

mencc1701: Hmm... problem there is I'd be moving directly into opposition of them, which changes me from being a possible target to a definite target. This'd make me the Austria-Hungary to your Germany in this little internet 1914, and I'm not sure I want to be there.

I'm content with being Japan for now.

uncut_diamond: In 31 internet years, you'll be nuked for doing this.
further on,
uncut_diamond: But it will be a short, glorious war. We'll all be home by Christmas.

mencc1701: But who's going to get assassinated to spark all this?

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kengr is easily amused:

Some day I want to make a box with a *big* red button and two panels that can can be illuminated from behind.

It'll be sitting there with one panel illuminated saying:


When someone inevitably comes along and presses the button, the box will beep, and the first panel will go out and the second one will light up:

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