July 31st, 2006



Dylan Hunt is a walking Deus Ex Machina in the New Commonwealth. There's nothing his "force lance" can't do.

Oh, no, Kevin Sorbo wasn't writing his shows to overcompensate, not at all . . .

qwp, locked post.
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Computers with self-identity problems

khriskin describes some repairs:
[Computers] were salvageable after about two hours worth of work to convince their poor scrambled brains that yes, they were computers and not turnips. Track05 is still more or less positive it's a turnip, but is willing to talk to the other turnips even though they think they are computers (silly things!)

And then the switch on which the turnip draws power went kablooey, and I spent another half and hour convincing it to at least be a turnip again.

It’s now a kumquat.
And some time later:
The kumquat now thinks it's a turnip.
The turnips are now all pretty sure they are computers.
Except for one that has apparent aspirations of being a zucchini.

It's 3pm. I'm going to lunch.


dwg's parents fail to grasp her superior wit.

A couple of days ago, "cheese" made it onto our shopping list because I switched the screensaver on the computer to say "Out of cheese error (please reboot universe)". Both parental units thought it was a bizarre way to say we're out of cheese and should get some more. I groggily had to explain when I got up in the afternoon that it was a Discworld reference. I got fed up with swirly things on the screensaver and decided to be witty. Apparently, so witty and obscure that we now have a half-kilo block of cheese in the fridge.

QWP, original post.
when silly thoughts go through my head, she don't use jelly, i shall never grow old

The end is nigh! (Not Nighy.)

doubtful_salmon talks about the Apocalypse:

'Third, I found myself getting pissed off at everyone who's like, "But the end must be nigh! Look at all this stuff that rings true in the Bible!" But I have to convince myself that the Bible has a bigger following than even like Lord of the Rings. Man, people call us geeks, but I've yet to see a, say, "Harry Potter belt" in any section of the world.'

And, later on...

'I'm not saying it isn't clever, capitalizing off people's fears of, say, nuclear holocaust, given the recent events in the Middle-East, to sell your novels, but what I am saying is that YOU'RE ASSHOLES. STOP DOING IT.'

Go read the whole thing. She's made of brilliance.
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