July 28th, 2006


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In an enlightening discussion of regional accent:

tozetre: It's really hard to mistake "Canajun" for "Aymeriykun," if you've heard both. Americans drawl, Canadians clip. Western Canada says "Cal'gry," Eastern Canada says "C'lgary," and Maritimers say "Oh by gosh them's a lotta cows innit me ducky?"

tozetre: Americans call it "What? Izzat in Montana?"

annechen_melo: Y'all got it wrong, we call it "too dayum cold 'cept in July 'n' August". :P
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Alton Brown is a Christian!

buongiornodaisy writes:

Yes, of all the terrible, rotten, no-good things happening in the world today, the Food Network's resident culinary geek turning out to be a fish takes the cake. We all know it's a truth universally accepted that people in positions of power and fame should waive their personal lives for the satisfaction of their admirers, and that those who refuse this time-honored tradition are among the worst human beings in the history of humanity. Thus Alton Brown has grossly insulted his anti-Christian fans by professing a faith that they deeply disagree with.

I say we ought to take a stand against such an insult and boycott Alton Brown, until he renounces the faith and submits to the will to people who think they are in his brain. Also, whatever Anderson Cooper is doing that doesn't involve feeding me grapes and a cappuccino every day for breakfast needs to stop this very minute, for his being in the Middle East doing his job is a great offense to me!!1

Context has been QWP'd in a light lemon-butter sauce.
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so i lied to her
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Sing-Along with Menstruation! (Vacation Bible School remix)

You can add woodwitch to the line-up on the new CD, Metaquoted Melodies, to be released when the public has a more evolved sense of humor, and when Satan makes snow angels. QWP, but that's pretty much the whole post.

Mom said to daughter,
"There's gonna be a floody floody
when you're a woman
it's gonna get all bloody bloody
put these kotex
up in your undie undies
Children of Midol"

So rise and shine
and tell them all to "Bite me bite me"
Rise and shine
and tell them all to "Bite me bite me"
Rise and shine and
Tell them to "Bite me bite me"
Children of Midol

"Your hormones go crazy
and you'll get pretty bitchy bitchy
People around you
will start to get all twitchy twitchy
Dump their bodies
Off in a ditchy ditchy
Children of Midol"


So I said to Mama,
"I think this deal is sucky sucky
I want to be a boy
And ride off in my trucky trucky"
She said, "Someday,
You'll see you're lucky lucky
Children of Midol"

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