July 24th, 2006

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Responses to ridiculous fic reviews

fresica: It's really bad when you get someone threatening to kill themself if you don't write more. o_o

auctasinistra: Better than having them threaten to kill you. :) If they want to kill themselves over it, "I can't stop you" is a reasonable reply.

kilraaj: If they're threatening to kill you, I would think "neener neener neener" is a mature enough reply. :p

From a discussion in fanficrants. Context is not writing a sequel
Bad Girls

teh_no explains a comic panel

Or says what we were all thinking:

Dr. Doom: The mighty Doom finds himself... becoming more attracted to you now that you have begun wearing a mask, pitiful insect! Let us eat and sip wine together! I have brought in a violinist to serenade us with music and a lusty fire to keep us warm on this cold winter night!

Thing: Ummm...


Context wears a metal mask

Aren't kids wonderful?

Posted with the permission of mom_almighty

In the Land Of Non-Sequiturs, the three-year-old is king:

me: "Do you want to go to the zoo?"
Ethan: "I don't know - what color are the walls there?"

me: "Could you please open the door so I can get out?"
Ethan: "But all your beauty will come out if I open the door!"

"Where's your milk, Ethan? We have to put your milk in the fridge before we can go."
"Mommy! Hey, Mommy!"
"What, honey? Are you ready to go?"
"Hey Mommy, come here!"
"Where are you, Ethan? Did you find your shoes?"
"Gabe's already in his car seat, Ethan, I don't have time to play these games with you!"
"MOMMY! I did it by myself!"
"... What?"
"Lookit! I'm naked!"

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