July 22nd, 2006

Sewing machine

Warning- original post NSFW but really FUCKING AWESOME.

I'm just impressed that one can make a living building cock-themed furniture. I wouldn't think there'd be much of a market for that kind of thing, but it seems I've underestimated humanity's wang-obsessiveness yet again. -valacosa

Just remove the table top, and you have seating for four more! -imgomez

At Crazy Bob's Cock Furniture we're ABSOLUTELY NUTS! -babayada

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I love my geeky best friend.

"Mugglecast News announced that Harry Potter ranks second behind Wolverine in an Entertainment Weekly poll about the most powerful movie characters. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "Who would win in a fight? Harry Potter or Wolverine?" Actually, you're thinking it's a dumb question, because Wolverine would obviously win. Wolverine always wins, in any of those debates: Spiderman, Batman, whatever. Except for against Magneto, maybe. Paper beats rock, rock beats scissors, and blind fury, sharp claws, and near invincibility beats the crap out of pretty much everything, all the time." - fenchurch827

*Bolding is mine, for that is the best line on the intarweb. ;)
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2.) I appreciate that you are a doctor, unfortunately that doesn't mean I can press the "special people" button and get you the number any faster.

deyvra's views on certain people while working at 411.
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Exchange on "new and improved"

S: Does anyone else remember when Trix was actually good (ie: round)? Why do they keep changing my cereal and ruining it?
T: As far as the cereal and "NEW AND IMPROVED" products in general, I'm with you all the way. And for the record, there is NOTHING worse than new and improved cat food. I just get them settled in and happy, with a food that isn't orange or red (don't ask if you don't get the reference), and they go change the formula and introduce red and orange bits into it. Luckily, I don't have carpeting.
S: Yes, I did get the reference. And I have one thing to say, "Don't feed twizzlers to ferrets."

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prawninator says:

"Next time you throw an M73 Frag Grenade or any form of projectile grenade-like thing, scream "PIKACHU! I CHOOSE YOU!" at the top of your lungs, and wait to see reaction from passers-by.

Seriously though, someone in Army training in my country did that exact same thing, and received two weeks in the detention barracks. The sergeant in charge couldn't stop laughing."

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The Situation, Social Justice and the Human Condition

One of my girlfriends has just put it better than I possibly could have:

More than ever am I a Humanist - the Israeli Defence Force... not really; in times of war we can't afford to be, we tell civilians about the bombings coming in, but they are held hostage by Hezbollah, who holds all of Lebanon hostage for Iranian influence. Not to mention that Syria is still aching to get their hands back in Lebanon, which they see as another piece of the Middle-Eastern Pie as far as they are concerned.
And through Hezbollah, we also get Hamas, which is sending it's citizens into Israel to kill themselves in order to murder Israelis.

These are not good people in upper crust of those governments.

And more than ever my government is one of the worst; where are our Representatives going on public broadcast telling the civilians that the war effort is going well? Where is our Prime Minister telling us that the army is doing the best job it can defending the home land? Where are the bittersweet lies people want to hear that their children on the front line are doing what is needed?
Where is the sympathy towards the 500,000 Lebanese refugees in southern Lebanon? Where is the UN to help the Lebanese government regain sovereignty over it's entire land? Where is the impartial media to tell both sides of what the fuck is going on?
This is the real world, and those things are lacking, much like an news about what's going on in Gaza and the West Bank, where Israel is still killing Palestinians and Gilad Shalit is still captured?

-eumelia in The Situation, Social Justice and the Human Condition
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"Ah, men. God bless their proud macho gibberish."

"As I understand it, 'experimental music' seeks to challenge the notion of what music can be - apparently in much the same unpalatable fashion in which Taco Bell challenges the notion of what food can be."

"Let's nod and click our fingers in appreciation for how brilliantly base it is. (It may appear that I'm being obscenely contrary, but I'm really just rejecting established artistic principles. Man.)"