July 17th, 2006

Gojyo: My Bitches

In which animestaryusei has a run in with an angry deer

...It finally clicks that my dog is completely oblivious to the fact that there's a pissed-off deer stomping all around it, so I scramble out of my seat and fumble trying to open the door, and my sister says, "No, don't scare it away!"

Sorry, Jordan, but I'm afraid when a deer is somewhat attacking the treasured family pet, it's not the time to be admiring its grace and beauty in nature.

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That New Car Feeling

jenniebreeden's boyfriend tests drives a new car.

We go out to test drive this car he wants. I came along to keep him from buying it. He still needed to save up and transfer stocks and stuff.
so he test drives it
good god this thing made ME get all hot and bothered and I was in the BACK seat! He made noices driving this car that *I* can't get him to make. (there will be cartoons).
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buio_omega mocks the stupid of a woman who allows her son to play dangerously close to the zoo's crocodile exhibit:

I think it has come to the point that some people are breeding 'expendable stock'... essentially collecting large amounts of money as a result of severe injury or death to their spawn. I bet that mother has a few more crotch droppings laying around, just accumulating interest...

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molegoddess hated a lot of things at SeaWorld:

I hated the people who thought the otters were baby sea lions or walruses. Yes, exactly. You see, walruses go through this metamorphosis like frogs, and their legs grow into flippers, their ears disappear, their tails disappear, they grow about eight feet and two tons, and their entire bodies and faces and fur distort into something completely different.

Just...picture that.

Want to suppress race discussions? Let coffeeandink help.

"Maybe you've tried a guide before and found it spoke only about face-to-face arguments. Or maybe you're new to the online world and baffled by this chaotic new medium. This guide is just for you! Whether you're a baby troll or an experienced flame warrior, we can teach the best way to make your online environment a safe, friendly, colorblind place. Soon the World Wide Web will be your home away from home — and like your home, it will be full of only the people you want to see."

For example, "Responding to what your opponent says should always be a last resort. To do so requires the extra effort of reading someone else's words and considering the implications of unfamiliar or uncomfortable thoughts. The discussion will go much faster if you just assume your opponent has said what you want to argue about and respond to that instead."

More suggestions here.

ETA: Quoted with permission.
doctor who llama

nostalgia_lj on a proposed new Dr. Who soundtrack:

"My flist seem keen on this. I think I myself would be far too tempted to play it really loudly so no one could hear what I was saying and people had to put on the subtitles to work out what I was saying. Also I would keep saying things like "I am a bit sad. I shall play track #7, 'BAFTA Cry Scene' while I have a bit of a wail."

Because I am not a very nice person."

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