July 16th, 2006

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ernestinewalker is having toilet issues:

"I'm all sorts of tied up today- my muscles are tired. See, I was up very early this morning trying to plunge the toilet so a girl could take a whizz. Seriously, there is nothing more beloved by me than trying to avoid capsizing the SS Turd while plunging a brimming toilet before 6 in the morning. Wakes you right up, doesn't it- it has to. The secret to good plunging, according to my mother (who is a master plunger as well as a hemmorhoid hobbiest), is a good rhythm. She's right. I tried a stab here and a squish there, and nothing. Once I mustered up a good fury and starting really thumping on that little hole, the clog opened right up and the SS Turd returned to its watery grave. Eat shit, Davy Jones.

This has been Erotic Plumbing, by Ernestine Walker.


found here, quoted with permission.
Kentucky Firaga Chocobo

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makarov had the best description of what EB or "Entitlement Bitch/Bastard is in this post
EB= someone who will make you wish you had brought a shotgun to work so you could load it with 00 buck & EMPTY IT INTO THEIR FUCKING WORTHLESS EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN BEING FACES *foams at the mouth & falls over backward*

tfcocs realizes that kim jong il and nicole ritchie have something in common...

Is it Sunday evening already? Sad to say that the highlight of this weekend was when I created my new icon, celebrating my new main man Kim Jong Il.

Hmmm. It just occurred to me that his glasses frames are almost identical to those worn these days by trendy thirteen year old girls who are trying to emulate the fashion sense of Her Majesty, Nicole Ritchie.

QWP...context? kim jong il will trade context for some long range warheads...
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