July 15th, 2006


Say That Again

From a locked post that can be found here

so_sharlemaine is talking about having to go into the office since her DSL was down.

Once in the office I docked into a workstation, because since I telecommute I don't keep a private office anymore. So I was hearing all the conversations of the sales consultants on the phone with clients and talking across the cubicles to each other. They frequently use terms and acronyms such as POP, POS, SBDN, TKR, etc. I'm pretty comfortable with these guys. I've worked around them for 8 years off and on. I was focused and working intently on my report, oblivious to the conversations and activity around me when someone called out "What's PWP???"

"Porn without plot," I called back absent-mindedly without even thinking where I was or what they were talking about.


I was very popular the rest of the day. Lots of smiles, conversation and interest in what I had been doing lately. And I had all kinds of invitations for happy hour and after work socializing. So much for the conservative, square, professional reputation I've worked so hard on.


There are some things even docbrite doesn't want to know...

I mean, I once had the misfortune to read a never-produced screenplay that contained the phrase "tidal wave of daddy-acid," and I thought, nay, hoped that was the worst sequence of words I would come across in my lifetime. But I really think "stiffened nether member" might trump it.

And, while I'm at it, I'm really not all that interested in how you held your damn golf club either.

Context is busy scrubbing its brain out with bleach.

*pouf* Vamoose Son of a ...

voiceofthelost gives out the 4 basic rules of techsupport:

1. Don't piss off someone who can make one mouse click and hang up on you.
2. Don't piss off someone who can make two mouse clicks and reset your password.
3. Don't piss off someone who can make three mouse clicks and disable your AD[corporate profile] account.
4. Don't piss off someone who can make four mouse clicks and set your employee status to TERMINATED in PeopleSoft HR.

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missmp on the recent emo-band "don't love us because we're beautiful" pouting sessions here

"Mr. Disco Panic there seems to be saying that his artfully tousled hair and carefully applied eyeliner are not for the girls, they are in service to the music. Whatever dude. Someone should maybe point out that they're actually not famous because their lyrics are so deep and insightful.

Speaking of, Panic at the Disco's latest single is titled "Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off." Grrr. Look, can we start a movement with girl emo bands who have titles like, "I'm Sick of Boys Who Cry During Sex" or "Quit Stealing my Clinique Moisturizer" or maybe "I Left you for Justin Timberlake Because He's Actually Got Rhythm"?"

QWP, et al

harley quinn

athenaps appreciates good chemistry.

Quoted from comments in mel06's friend-locked post of a draft of her chemistry paper:


"1-bromoheptane (1.89 mL), triphenylphosphine (3.14 grams), and o-xylene (5 mL) were placed in a round-bottom flask and refluxed with stirring.

A terminal aliphatic triplet was seen at 0.7985 ppm, and aromatic peaks were seen between 7.350 and 7.8388 ppm.

After 30 hours of refluxing the mixture was removed from heat, and the solvent decanted.


Chemistry is just so...perverty-sounding...
kristiangrrl: I really want to metaquote you...

Or reflux you sometime, but I'm not sure which; your aromatic peaks are very enticing.
athenaps: I won't take less than 30 hours of refluxing over heat, and most people can't spare that kind of time. I'm all about the threesome in the round-bottomed flask though.

Quoted with permission.
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