July 11th, 2006

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die7fox reminisces about That Faithful Old Can Opener

I never knew whether to attribute its longevity to quality workmanship, a fluke of production, or necromancy. In any case, it just kept going. I began to admire its grim determination. It simply would not let go in order to be replaced by the latest jet-age model. The old broad still had plenty of life left in her, and she was going to go down fighting, full of piss & vinegar.

Unfortunately, she'd also become a bit shabby in appearance through her long years of use, much like an old car or Madonna.
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That crazy Boston traffic!

lady_babalon finds out that "a tunnel built as part of the Big Dig project which was going to solve all of Boston's traffic woes, now having cost $14 billion dollars, collapsed last night and killed a woman driving through...":

But its safe, they hasten to tell us! Just like they hastened to tell us it was safe back when it turned out it was leaking due to shoddy construction materials used in the process of building - which was done so the contractors could get the lowest bid in to the government and win the project but still make money. "Big Dig officials stressed then that the tunnel was safe." "Despite the accident, Amorello said the Big Dig was safe." This must be some strange new definition of the word "safe" which means "may occasionally collapse onto your car and kill you."

They hope to reopen the tunnel by Wednesday. Gotta keep all those cars moving! Who cares about the occasional flattened commuter?

P.S. to people I live with - can we try to avoid ever driving any route that will take us through this tunnel on those rare occasions we drive into Boston? KTHXBYE
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Do Jesusfish walk on water?

boymeat buys a new loach:

[...] Then I came back from work last night. And the fish was gone.

I mean, gone. Nowhere to be found. Dissapeared without a trace. It's as if he was never purchased in the first place. No corpse, no bones, so I ruled out being eaten. I searched every hiding spot, raked the gravel, took out plants and the cave. Nothing. I searched underneath all the nearby furniture, tried to project his trajectory if he were to jump out of the tank for freedom.

Nothing. [...]

betnybean explains:

Clearly it was the rapture and we've all been left behind.

Can YouTube Cortex be far behind?

During final debugging for a large software project is not the time for a scene for my next webcomic to leap into my brain fully formed and ready to write. The universe needs to work on this. I recommend the invention of some kind of brain-Tivo.

If brain-Tivos aren't forthcoming, then I require a clone who can do my work while I sit around all day writing and watching the History Channel.
-electroweak write a cooler comic than me

-Context wants to just skip past the commercials: http://electroweak.livejournal.com/9604.html
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researchgrrrl and margeauxmay discuss researchgrrrl's insomnia. A selection:

researchgrrrl: This may take finding a sleep clinic which, you know, how awesome would that be? Being filmed while I'm in bed and probably with weird electrodes glued to my head -- it would practically be like having a sex life again.
margeauxmay: [...] Electrodes = sex life? You *do* live an interesting life.
researchgrrrl: [...] And come on. Like you're not into electrodes. *eyeroll*
margeauxmay: C'mon, those were soooo 5 years ago.
researchgrrrl: Shit. Did I totally just reveal how long it's been since I was laid, or what?
margeauxmay: Your secret's safe with me. The *rest* of LJland? um... yeah. You've been outed.

Ten Things Wot Piss Me Right Off. Right Now At Least

QWP from fLocked post by discordia_eris here who thinks its time for a rant

Ten Things Wot Piss Me Right Off. Right Now At Least*

10. The French. Seriously. In mourning for not winning the world cup is a bit much. And frankly, I don't care who beat them, but kind of glad it was Italy. And people defending Zidane's headbutt by saying he was defending his honour? Fuck up and die. We spend half of our lives convincing children of the old "sticks and stones" adage, and unfortunately, sledging or "trash talking" is a part of sport these days. You have to be the bigger person and not respond physically. He's a tool, and should not be defended for headbutting an opposing player, no matter what the opposing player may have said.

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