July 10th, 2006


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homais continues his travels in Syria.

Locals, like most people, tend to like it if you say nice things about their country, so I said (honestly), in Arabic, "Oh, it's the best place to study. There are good programs, and it's very nice for a poor student like me." I beamed.

"No, it's not," the man said flatly. "Lebanon is much better, and very beautiful. You should go there."

Lebanon? I looked at my interlocutors a little more carefully. They were about twenty, excruciatingly attractive, with designer Italian clothes and hair that must have taken an hour to spike just-so. Some Damascenes dress in a similar way, but only the Lebanese can be that fruity and that macho at the same time and somehow have it work. If they were Lebanese, as I now suspected, then I'd really put my foot in it. It's like telling an Armenian that actually, I think Turkey's a much better place than your little country, thankyouverymuch. I tried to backtrack by throwing some compliments.

Read the whole thing.

Everyone loves Ma.

teaberryblue tells an amusing story.

So I went to the grocery store and there were these two guys in the totally ghettoed-out outfits, you know, wearing do-rags and rhinestone crosses and sports jerseys and shit, and this is the conversation I heard.

"So what did you do this weekend?"
"Not too much. Me and (girl's name I forget) watched Little House on the Prairie."
"Oh, man. I'd hit Ma. Only Pa would kick my ass. Did you see the one where Mary goes blind?"
"Fuck no. It always makes me cry when I watch that one."

QWP, and that's pretty much the whole post.

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agent may is unimpressed

Food foibles

I have a thing about no gravy on anything. I ordered chicken fried steak (yum) with mashed potatoes (yay) with no gravy. I reapeated the no gravy adding, "at all" in my most Neva-like voice. The waitress looked at me and I said, "Trust me, it bears repeating." Because many times, I've gotten my plate back covered in gravy.

Sure enough this time...

Before the waitress could even think about handing it to me and not come back for a long time to check on it, I said, "No gravy." (Which sounded like I was saying, "Why are there wire hangers in the closet?" if you get my drift.)

--mice REALLY doesn't like gravy.
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The preeminent donchep is a connoisseur of scents.


Joining the slew of celebrities with personal fragrances for sale, Paris Hilton has a new perfume out. It's called Just Me.
Funny thing is I had a chance to sniff a sample in a magazine, and I think it's false advertising, because it doesn't smell like 40 used condoms and chihuahua piss.

Linky. QWP. Further Don sayeth not, but you should click the link to see his hilarious title.
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From angelicdemise here.

So I was at the grocery store when the storm started tonight. Driving home on Riverside, it was kinda flooded, and driving in it reminded me of playing Oregon Trail when I was a kid. You know when you have to get the wagon across the river? Ya. It was kinda like that. Except no one died of dysentry. I was disappointed.