July 8th, 2006

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"Oh, the dharma."

In response to this post on customers_suck, tllaya had this to say:

You should have reminded him that suffering is a step on the way to enlightenment, and you were leading him down the right path. I wonder what he would have said zen. Don't let people like that get on your nirvanas.

Oh, the dharma.

I hope he got in a karma accident in the parking lot, and much bodhi damage was done to his vehicle. Lotus hope his internal buddha really is just napping and not in a deep coma. How much you want Tibet the Buddha's gonna be pissed when it hears his mantra is just one long whine?

And finally, if he does manage to wake the buddha, and you then see this guy on the road, you get to kill him. Or something.

Ugh. Bed. Now. I'm pretty sure punsters get reincarnated as high school English Lit teachers.
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Luke Skywalker and Sid Vicious

valarltd on fanficrants tells us what constitutes writing a character out-of-character....

If I write Luke Skywalker as a punk rocker who punctuates every third word with vulgarity, listens to Sid Vicious and is perfectly happy living in Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru's Techdome, that is OOC.

The restless yearning for new horizions is part of what DEFINES Luke's character. And I'm relatively sure Sid Vicious is not big on Tatooine.

Context ho!
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shaysdays is going to stop moderating and go into construction.

Interesting fact of the day:
An electric razor, or really, anything that buzzes, can be
used as a stud finder- simply run it across the wall (or ceiling) and there will be a distinct change in tone when the machine is passed over the more solid wood as opposed to just the drywall.

You read that right- anything that buzzes. Which immediately made me think of millions of women running their vibrators over their walls in giggling delight and finding out exactly where to hang their bathrobe hooks, large pictures, and general-use O-rings.

So since I'm lacking in that department, if you have a vibrator, find a stud for me and let me know how well it works, please.


PS- You have permission to giggle madly as you do so, as a matter of fact, that would make me perversely happy

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