July 7th, 2006

Ahiru & Fakir text

on Kingdom Hearts (game 1)

From riddering's entry on the first Kingdom Hearts game, discussing Sora (main character), Aladdin, and the Beast.

memlu: THAT'S WHAT SORA DOES, YO. He saves relationships. Literally.

moonsheen: HEROES WILL ALWAYS SAVE YOU. But Sora will save you AND your girlfriend AND give you tips on where you should take her to dinner.

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agent may is unimpressed

Release the hounds with bees in their mouths!

So for the past 20 minutes, I've been dodging out one door, spraying down wasp-nests John Woo style, then moments of "ohshitohshit" panic as the wasps make their displeasure known. Slam the door shut as hords of the bastards come screaming at me and then dodge around to the other door and dive-roll out to squirt the others and nail the flyers from behind. This required repeating three times before I managed to get all of them.

(The more I think about it, the more I think that it's nice to see that years of playing 1st Person Shooters really does give you some sort of applicable life-skills...)

graphicnovelist has a bit of a wasp problem.
ESOTSM - Couch

losile has a theory

Heeey. I've figured it out!

The real reason I've been single so long?

I NEVER forwarded all those emails along. You know, the ones that tell you that you'll have bad luck in love for the next five years if you don't pass them along? Yeah, I never did.

And clearly, now all that bad luck has piled up.


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alice hat

Found within a thread discussing bizarre fortune cookie fortunes in the found_objects community:

rainisnice: i've always hoped to get a fortune that said "help, i'm trapped inside a fortune cookie factory!"

queegeebo: I once got a Bazooka Joe fortune (written below the cartoon) that said 'help! i'm being held hostage in a bubble gum factory!'

No kidding. I was young and thought maybe I was someone's one chance for freedom and I blew it.

firetwirler526: Jerk! They are probably still stuck there!

Here in found_objects.
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The icon with the original post features the poster's ass in a thong. Just so you know.

I spoke to my brother John over AIM tonight. He seemed out of it and refered to me as "hottie." I assumed he was drunk and not realizing who I am so I set him up to think I was a hot chick and sent him censored pictures of me wearing nothing but my fencing mask. Turns out it's one of his sister's underage friends and now she wants my myspace.

This is karma.

-namtak, here, QWP via AIM, entire post