July 6th, 2006


What Lies Beneath the facade of small-town life...

forcemajeure on the true nature of small-town life:

"A novel must be written that blows the rips away the patina of adultery and long-buried secrets, and reveals the real dark underbelly of small town life: 4th of July barbecues and teenagers swimming on summer nights. The depravity boggles the mind. All those smug bastards at The New Yorker won't even know what hit them.

It will drive several vegans to acts of self-immolation. I just know it."

Context grilled medium-rare: http://halogencycle.livejournal.com/37535.html?thread=2022815#t2022815
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Film - The Old Guard

Sayid pr0n and Bush

"[Condi] seems like a smart lady; she'd read him the whole thing, and then explain to him what 'homosexual' meant.
'Oh-- thayt's whut thayt iz? Ah thot it wuz some kahnna bug. Ah wuz always wonderin' whah they din't want bugs to get murried.'"

-- flusterdance, on jean_prouvaire's need for "a big steaming pile of hot, smutty, gay Iraqi [Sayid] porn" here.
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Firefly- Let's Be Bad Guys Jayne!

Who doesn't want more food?

Hope everyone had a fairly decent 4th. Shitty weather for it, but I hope everyone had some fun celebrating NOT the day we were free, but the day we DECIDED "to hell with it" and got some paper and ink and basically wrote "Nah nah nah boo booo, Britain. We're rather done with you and your damned Earl Gray and raspberry scones." Worst thing we ever did. (The getting rid of teatime, not the wanting of independence, I mean. Why oh why did we get rid of another chance in the day to legitimately stuff our faces?)

twilighttears discusses what REALLY happened in 1776....

QWP, i am just retarded and forget to write things like that.

viking-rodeo clown hybrids

ygg13 had a weird dream the other day:
So, somehow the phrase "biking viking" got in my head and materialized as a raiding party of vikings riding into town on their War Vespas, listening to Joan Jett. They pillaged my record collection, and kidnapped every rodeo clown in town, which I presumed they were going to breed with to make bigger, scarier viking babies.

I don't remember the rest. Perhaps it is better that way.
Context is here.
part of the weekend never dies

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mrspadfoot, in reference to her most recent icon:

PS: GIP. Politicians shooting lasers out of their eyes is nothing new. Did you know that George Washington lasered his name into the Declaration of Independence instead of signing it? Andrew Jackson was the only president to laser his own assassin. JFK stopped the Cuban Missile Crisis by firing lasers all the way from the White House to Moscow. Abraham Lincoln is the only President whose laser vision is caught on camera when he saved the United States from a Care Bear invasion when he countered a Care Bear stare with his glorious lasers of emancipation. *

* = all true.

QWP! From this entry. Even though it's friends only.
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arielography has fire safety advice for Ozzy Osbourne . . .

[Re: a news item about a fire at the Osbourne residence.]

1. Do not burn your sacrificial offering in the foyer.
2. Do not use the torchiere lamp to freebase crack.
3. Please note that the definition of "fireplace" is "Place where one puts fire".
4. Rammstein are allowed to use flamethrowers as they have been licensed and trained as professionals. In addition, Rammstein test equipment at a factory specifically designed for testing. Not their homes.
5. Don't set fire to your staff.
6. Candles should not be left unattended. Especially 14 foot tall ones shaped like gargoyles.
7. Hairspray and lighters don't mix.
8. Neither do Water and Appliances.

--arielography, here.
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"soooo. you know what really bugs me? when people in fic communities and are like "theres this fic i love. can YOU find it for me?" why in the fuck would i spend my time looking for a fic that you want?! and why cant you do it? unless i have it bookmarked and know directly where it is, im not gonna go on the great white hunt for the fic that youre too fuckign lazy to find. kiss my ass."

quoted from http://musicandjason.livejournal.com/237426.html?mode=reply