July 3rd, 2006


shane on leash-walking his cat

(embellishment mine)

The question now though is as follows: do I keep the harness on him at all times or do I take it off until it's needed? It'll make things much easier for me walking him if I don't have to work him into the harness every time I'm ready to take him out, but he looks kind of like a leather daddy walking around the apartment in nothing but a collar and a harness.

SAUCE: http://shane.livejournal.com/652800.html, QWP

Many millenia ago,fandom was beginning...

zoepaleologa recants the History of Fandom Wank:

"...Anyhow, back to the Eukaryotik fandom. There was no wank, though. This is because the eukaryotik organisms reproduce non-sexually. They have no genitalia and have no hand-like appendages, and in order to masturbate you need both, or at very least the former. What you had instead in the primeval slime of that long vanished sea (that last phrase ripped off wholesale from Arthur C Clarke in 2001: A Space Odyssey – I’m trying for a certain tone - indulge me) was lots and lots of genfic, thus:

Arthur the single-cell swam around and sucked up plankton. Then he split in two. The end.

Early reviews were favourable. “Omigod, that was awsum! Rite mor soon!” Besides sucking at plankton, eukaryotiks also sucked at grammar and spelling, and as far as I know, singled-celled organisms still do."

QWP. Go and read the rest. She's hilarious.
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...But will you still call me Superman?

Just because a character can do anything, just because he has no physical limits, doesn't mean he's an uninteresting character. It just means you have to do stories about what he won't let himself do ... or, about the circumstances when he will let himself do that.

You just have to be a good writer.
-scarfman on writing about the omnipotent

Context cannot see through lead walls: http://scarfman.livejournal.com/70990.html

Four Dirty Words

chowyunsmut takes a shot at writing romance:

Keeping his fingers tangled up in her hair, he helped return her head to a position a little less neckbreaking, and muttered four words into her ear. Four words that sent every nerve ending to singing, and caused her brain to conjure up some of the filthiest images she'd had in ages. Just four words, and she slammed her computer shut, shoved everything in the bag, followed him out the door. After those words, she believed that she might follow him anywhere if only it was true, what he had said in that short little sentence.

"I have air conditioning."
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Just make sure she's not a vampire...

themaskedvixen's advice on curing summer colds:

"They say eating garlic is good for your immune system...go one step above and beyond and shove as many cloves of garlic up your anus as humanly possible. Once you have completed the garlic stuffing go sit outside and roast sun bathe for increased Vitamin K (which is also good for you). Once you are all nice, sweaty, and garlicy go to a local bar and pick up a woman with a sore on her mouth and take her home.

You, her, and the sore can have kinky garlic smelling sex all night.

I know this always makes me feel better."

(from this post in shitty_advice.)
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hawiboy lists ideas for revenge.

I hate Hummers. Not so much the vehicle. The drivers. You have to figure, anyone who drives one in a city has issues. Why? Simple. Out of every ten Hummers you see parked, five of them will be either: double, triple or quadruple parked (as shown above), over a curb, in a Handicapped spot or in a compact car space (also shown above).

While I don’t approve of keying vehicles, I do feel we need to show Hummer drivers what we think of them.

1. Glue plastic army men all over the hood (bonnet). Use two part epoxy for a permanent hold.
2. Paint the vehicle pink. Include cartoon bunnies that say “I wuv u”.
3. Slap on bumper stickers such as, “I brake for unicorns”, “I support NAMBLA”, “Follow me to the KKK Rally” or “Cops suck”.
4. Brighten their day with an Exhaust pipe whistler tip.
5. Drop a squirrel/snake/tarantula in their back seat.
6. The glass windshields (windscreens) on Hummers fold down. This means with some effort they can be replaced with screens.
7. Any other ideas?

There's a picture in the original post, and also a link for the whistler tips. Context.
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