June 30th, 2006


jaig on the ID shots he got taken for uni

So he took the shots, and the Photographic Distortion Law kicked in again, the one that postulates that every single picture of you that is taken for ID purposes comes out with you looking either asleep, dead, crazy, or all three. I look asleep and crazy. Two out of three is stunning. I look stunning, if only I were a serial killer.

This is such an awesome first impression for the uni registration office! I hope they like me.

Public post, but QWP anyway.
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springtime the pony

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kleenexwoman has created a Mad Scientist Personality Problem Graph. It's sort of holistically funny rather than having particular witty bits, but here's a sample:

Of course, this graph doesn't take the Frankenstein Complex into account, but that's a different scale altogether, and isn't an independent variable. Your attitude towards your own abominations of nature creations is going to be tempered by how megalomaniacal or vengeful you are in the first place, anyway, as will other variables like paranoia or sociability.
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Super OM

I suppose if you like sardines..

blastmilk explains a little problem she's having with her chihuahua:


Now, the new problem... now that I've been letting her off leash in our little neighborhood park she went from happy rompy dog, to being a poo vacuum in a matter of a few days. She won't even play, she gallops from one poo snack to another, and wolfs them down like a pelican w/ a sardine. It is so gross! I'd love recommendations/experiences with dealing with this habit. One trainer recommended a plastic pinchy training collar, two others just said to get a muzzle and that you can't train it out of them. I'm wondering if the "leave it" or "drop it" will work???


Redbird vs. GE - fight!

Also, the bird noises made by my alarm clock apparently sound like some sort of deathmatch challenge if you're a cardinal*.

ALARM: Tweet tweet tweet tweet!
CARDINAL (in bush next to the window): Say what?
ALARM: Tweet tweet tweet tweet!
CARDINAL: What? You did NOT say that! If you say that again...
ALARM: Tweet tweet tweet tweet!
ALARM: Tweet tweet tweet tweet!
CARDINAL: Goddammit, where's my piece? Where's--DAMMIT I HAVE NO HANDS!
ALARM: Tweet tweet tweet tweet!
CARDINAL: Fine. You win this round.

I like nature.

*The bird kind. Not the pointy hat kind.

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