June 29th, 2006

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deathboy, in what is already a rather amusing post, comments:
while attempt to describe a situation that would seem either boring or unfamiliar (or both) to many people, I decided to express it in a different context that would be more accessible, or at least more interesting.

I think that's a great idea :D you could have one for marketing drones interfacing with one for glaswegian hobos, with them both discussing the matters close to their heart and understanding each other.

"I say, I've had a terrible day, my portfolio lost five percent in an hour!" -> "Och, ah've had ae wee shite dee, y'ken? aw ma shite wi' reft aff by ah bunch ae cunts wi'n aen oor, see?"

"Ach, tha's shite, by the way. See, you got nae skag ah kaen have, likesy?" -> "Tarquin, that's dreadful, I fully sympathise. I say, you don't happen to have any snuff, do you?"

there's a short story in that, I'm sure.
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