June 28th, 2006

Spoiler Alert!

"Welcome to Smallville, Kansas. Population: Mutant. Elevation: Slashy."

In her “Fandoms I Have Loved” Entry on Smallville, thefourthvine offers the following highly compressed summary of much of the series to date, in dialog form:
Lex: I'm good, I'm good, I'm good - I save puppies and orphans and Christmas! I frolic with unicorns - the open-minded ones, anyway - and angels! I'm good, people!
Other characters: We know you're bad at heart, because we are fugitives from a Victorian novel who judge people by their last names.
Clark: And I will never trust you, by god, because my father says not to.
[There is a testy pause.]
Lex: Fine. Then I'm evil, I'm evil - so evil, in fact, that I can say 'I have always been evil' and notice the Orwellian overtones and not even care, because I aim to be Big Brother. That is how evil I am.
Other characters, nodding wisely: We are not at all surprised.
Clark, looking betrayed: How could you do this to me? I trusted you, Lex!
Artsy me - by Micha

One more meta-meta for the collection

One day, my boyfriend came home from work and, upon walking through the door, said (mind, before he said, "Hello" or "Nice to see you" or anything), "You know what really bothers me about zombie movies? Zombies are supposed to be reduced to their most primal instinct, which the movies say is to feed. But feeding is only the second most primal instinct, and frankly I think it would make zombie movies a lot scarier if they got that right. I mean, just imagine hordes of rotting corpses chasing you around going, 'Sex...'"

banshea here.
and then my brain exploded

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lots42, here:

We all know it's possible for ninjas to disguise themselves as pirates. Because ninjas are masters of disguise.

Is it possible for a pirate to disguise themself as a ninja?

Or would the 'AAARR' give them away?

"Student! What is the sound of one hand clapping?"

"Ask Captain Bligh, he only has one hand! AAARH!"

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eff the world cup... put this on ESPN!

Neil is at it again over in officialgaiman:

And the idea of a Stardust vs Bond football match keeps running through my head, "...and it's Ernst Stavros Blofeld and he passes to Felix Leiter and... oh, he just got turned into a goat. And there's a cluster of excited ghosts over by the goal-mouth, one of them just ran through Le Chifre, and the ball, the ball's gone up..."

I <3 that man.
SP: You have the weapons.

On the subject of bisexuality.

On ljsecret someone believes there's no such thing as bisexuality. An anon’s opinion in return:

"#1, I know what you mean. Once, my friend told me that he liked pizza, but then a few days later I caught him eating a sandwich. I confronted him about it, what the hell are you doing! YOU TOLD ME YOU LIKED PIZZA! and he said that he likes them both, and I know that's fucking impossible, he's lying to me, NO FUCKING WAY CAN YOU LIKE BOTH. So I shot him in the face. I dont feel guilty, I'm glad there's one less lying freak in the world." - thread. (warning: image heavy)
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From man_of_means in sages_of_chaos about how Pootang Pie is made:

"It requires preparation. You can't just dive right into it. It takes a bit of manipulation to get it ready for enjoyment. There's no one proper way. You can travel all over the world and find completely different ways of making it . I know alcohol is a big help, use it copiously. NEVER use yeast. And if it has red sauce, you need to leave it for a few days, because it's dangerous. I'd be more than happy to give you a personal demonstration of to prepare it."

Quoted with Permission from players involved
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Sister Death

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In deleterius, nakhash composes a song commemorating Elria, the community's first Dementor!Sue:

Her name's Elria and she sucks the souls she can
Just like that river twists across Dementor-land
And when she sucks she really shows you all she can
Elria, 'Ria suck across Dementor-land.

Her name's Elria we don't need to understand
And I might find her if I'm locked in Azkaban
Elria, 'Ria hear suck across the land
From mountains in the north down to Dementor-land.

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