June 25th, 2006


While discussing slang terminology for female genitals in feminist, lunettic_fringe wonders (context here):

Or is this just a silly, silly arguement about a using a different word than "vagina" in an intimate setting...where I could call her happy-parts "Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends" if that's what blew our hair back.

EDIT: My intro was too long. Hopefully fixed.
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this is fantastic BB

In an entry about running into a number of ex-bfs and ex-hookups all in one weekend,

realityfnbites writes:

Rude Hookup Guy led me on to believe that we would continue to see each other and then cancelled all of our plans and blew me off. ...he approached me at the wedding and ... said in regards to Paul and Pam [the bridal couple] that he thought, rather than marrying one's highschool sweetheart, it is good to sample all the different "coffees". Well, this particular blend has been tasted and put back on the shelf where it has gone bitter. So, afterwards, I told him to have fun and walked away from him as quickly as possible.
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cesario on her brilliant idea for a new game show, Pride and Predjudice style.

So I was watching the hot Elizabeth-Bennett-does-social-commentary action when all of a sudden I had an awesome idea for a reality show. It would be called Regency Idol, and you would be judged on your singing and presentation and style, just like on AI, but, you would also have to wear frock coats or Empire-waisted gowns, and sing songs like "Have You Seen My Lady" and "She's Like the Swallow that Flies So High" (the latter entirely without irony) and you would have to accompany all your own performances. On a spinet.

QWP, from here.