June 23rd, 2006


On men and doctors

suchanadorer responds to a post about my dad, who is sick (and mean!) but won't go see the doctor:

I am of the opinion that they ought to continue to offer men of all ages lollipops when they go to the doctor. I think this would encourage men to be more forthright and honest about their health instead of always trying to tough it out themselves.
Do you think that the annual gyno exam most women undergo makes us generally less resistant to the idea of seeking healthcare since we know that an antibiotic for a cough can be no worse than getting up in the stirrups?
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Libertatis Æquilibritas

Poodle Tribble Hybrid

QWP from seantaclaus:

"When I later open the dryer after it's done running, no longer am I simply dealing with a poodle, but some vicious poodle-tribble hybrid, multiplying it's hair and shed factor throughout the dryer, overwhelming the lint screen, with whole tufts jumping out committing mock suicide on the clothing pile below (which I'm certain was actually a sneak attempt at further propagation...)"

In his post http://seantaclaus.livejournal.com/213078.html

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Awesome me

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deredere is back at the office...

It's a Thursday. I am currently sitting in my little gray box staring at my computer wondering why it isn't Friday. It's been almost 8 hours, and I am bored. It would seem to many as they pass by my office that I am currently working. They like to quickly jump to conclusions.  Why else would I subject myself to this evil. Ha! I have fooled everyone! 

Work? What’s that? I don’t work! I am above such menial tasks. I create art in the brilliant disguise of work. Yes, I do. That is the wonderment of ME! 

Many artists go unappreciated while they are alive.  So, years from now when I am ashes blowing in the wind, the
attendant care form that I processed today will be worth millions!  That will be my legacy.  Damn. 

Is it Friday yet?  

QWP, F-locked post.

Kushiel's Legacy: Rainbow Love.

chorus_of_chaos puzzles over one of LJ's latest features.

What the hell is this "nudge" thing that's suddenly on user info? How much does livejournal deduct from my paypal account to send a mafia guy around to break kneecaps so that people have nothing to do but post on LJ? (I assume that is what this feature does....I'm afraid to try it for fear of what it might do to someone.....I guess I could use it on someone I don't like.....muahahahahahaha....)

chorus_of_chaos|QWP|this locked post
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In Which We Learn The Consequences of Inaccurate Slang

In brutal_honesty, following a post about awkward first-time oral sex, this discussion occurred:

jeru: Be glad it was teeth. I know a dude who's first blowjob was literally a Blow. Job.

Had to go to the hospital...poor schmuck.

missjecka: What? She tried playing you like a clarinet or something?

missjecka: I can barely imagine the sound produced by blowing a raspberry on a guy's dick.

sarah_mascara: I'm betting at least some of the sound was screaming like a sissy girl.
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