June 22nd, 2006

Heart of glass

In regards to an online Roleplaying game...

"I run small but very fun to play roleplay muck. We have ads floating around here and there, and sometimes we get real gems, and sometimes we get... Um... Well, you know how gems are sometimes made by pressing large amount of rotten organic matter together? Um... Well, imagine the gems before the pressing and the millions of years and stuff...."
gen, here
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"I feel like money and I had a bad date"

Seen on autumnfaerie's journal 6-21-06:

I miss money. I like money. I have things I would like to do with money. I feel like money and I had a bad date and I'm in love with money but he won't return any of my calls and I'm just drunk dialing him over and over and driving by his house to see if he's home. I feel, too, that money has a restraint order out on me because every time I get close to money, I seem to be pulled away from it against my will.
Diamond offer

I have a problem with your problems.

butchdaddy gets a letter at work and shares it in a flocked post (QWP)

I have encountered five mistakes in the second custom edition for Joe Schmoe Community College of your book Math Is Hard....

(insert time + distance = arrival time math problem)

....The mistake with this problem is that, in the “X-Files” episode in which the agents go to investigate “Big Blue,” episode 3X22 “Quagmire,” the agents travel to Heuvelmans Lake in Georgia together in the same car.

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Ursula Vernon's "The Daisy"

Walking... straight to Hell

The weird, wonderful and witty internetsdairy watches The Convent:

"It's always good to join in when you're watching TV, so in a sort of meditation exercise where one of the nuns asked one of the women to imagine that she was walking alongside Jesus*, I tried to imagine that I was walking alongside Jesus too. I succeeded in this, though unfortunately I went too far and imagined that I was walking alongside Jesus whilst wearing an 'I'm with stupid' T-shirt."

Go here for context, including the equally-amusing footnote...

Just Stop It!

It's what I call snap-out-of-it therapy. I've done a lot of it. I see someone operating from a destructive mind-set, and I tell him to snap out of it. When it works, it's really impressive how much I've accomplished with so little effort. I can't recall an occasion on which it's worked, but maybe someday.

-old_cutter_john in this comment in asperger

Edit (again): Locked post, QWP.
ANGRY host club Twitch
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Ok, so if you had only a couple of bucks, but a big pile of stuff you wanted blown up...

My friend pyrotech_c3h8 is having a party. I think the appropriate words are "I have a bad feeling about this..."

I have an upcoming need to really ruin a whole lot of shit on a limited budget. Let's look at the facts and the things I do have to my advantage...

- A welder
- Various lengths of metal that I am not doing anything with
- A strong belief that anything the city puts out on the streets, even if it is secured by several feet of concrete, is up for grabs. It's just that some of it is slightly less up for grabs than other stuff, depending on the amount of concrete.
- A girlfriend who is understanding of my propensity for destroying large amounts of things under circumstances that do not promote safety
- Several friends who make my desire for destruction look pale by comparison.

Added emphasis mine, QWP. It's gettin' hot in here, let's take off all our context...
DT - Loony

PC madness meets fandom

A quote from sarichans review of Takin' over the asylum: Quick set up, dad argueing with son over son getting a job:

Campbell gets all mouthy with daddy. Waaah, you're just a road sweeper, I don't wanna be a loser like you, waaah. Daddy decides to be the grown-up and let Campbell pout. No, that's a big lie. He argues back that he's not a road-sweeper, he works for the cleansing department. Yeah, and I'm not a fangirl, I'm a social anthropologist in a limited field of study.

Full context here : Warning Spoileriffic picspam review

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Peg 2015

wicked_wish makes a comparison

Generally speaking (in my experience), admitting that you've got a masters degree in rhetoric is like saying you've got a Ziplock baggie filled with frozen unicorn poo at home. People generally understand the meanings of all those individual keywords, so at first they nod politely -- but then, after a few seconds, they do a verbal double-take. "Wait -- you've got a what now?"

Quoted from here.
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remember to reboot for the update

jtmulc writes to fellow pittsburghers in this post wth a primer for non-Catholics:

Now, some of you non-Catholics might be wondering what's involved in installing a new bishop. It's quite simple, really. Over the past several years the church has embraced technology that makes it a lot easier than it used to.

Just go to Start -> Control Panel -> Add or Remove Clergy...

(qwipped, and all that)