June 21st, 2006


However, diet pills are fine.

"Since the junk messages I get in GMail have reached nearly the 4000 mark, I finally turned on some spam filtering on the Valent Games accounts. If anyone sends stuff to that, try not to make it look like you're selling Nigerian penis mortgage pills, ok?"

--wrpigeek, QWP
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"Far be it from me to dismiss something that can show people how wide and wonderful the world is, while also showing how we can still unite and share a common passion. This common passion, it seems, comes without fancy technology, bells and whistles or other gimmicks. It needs no special intellect, philosophy or complicated theories. In fact, it allows us all to listen to our inner child and re-live the simple, wholesome thrill of a game of hide and seek...

Or so we thought!

It seems that our wise, wacky and wonderful world traveller is not as wholesome as we once thought. Nor are the authorities being completely honest in why they have us searching for him. Wherever you are in the world, keep your eyes peeled for THIS man, who should be considered dangerous...

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Found here, in conspiracy101
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Regarding a questionable auction.

The item in question.

I will admit I fancy guitars that look like murder weapons but I don't think I want one that was involved in an actual murder, y'know? To say nothing of the fact they're charging over a thousand American dollars for it. If I'm going to pay over a thousand dollars for something that's been shot by a gun it had BETTER be edible and have enough meat to feed me for a damn long time.

More hilarity here.

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And in the midsummer, the plague of the pollen was still a burden to Ana.  And she did kneel before the LORD that is GOD and beg to be delivered from this plight, but the LORD did offer no relief from her suffering.  And Ana did draw her lightsaber and with it she did smite all of the flowers in the land.  And in smiting them Ana caused the pollen to cease, and her allergies were at an end.

And the plants bore no fruit and they bore no seed.  And the next year the farmers had no seeds to plant.  And across the land there was no fruit to eat for man or beast.  And so man ate beast but the supply ran out.  And the people cried out, O Ana, why hast thou done the LORD's work and not thine own?  And Ana replied to the starving people, The flowers gave me sniffles.

ruckuskitten, here
Mark, pondering

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gerbilsage on the Harry Potter series here.

The themes, the writing style and the literary conventions are all excruciatingly poor. AND NOW I WILL TYPE IN CAPS BECAUSE I AM ANGRY, shouted gerbilsage. And now I will remember how I typed in caps. Before doing anything else, I will apply the lesson I learnt typing in caps.

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Sing along?

I now have this mental image of this old, crotchety, bony, feeble old hillbilly hick mountain man gumming his jaws and shaking his cane - "You young whippersnappers have no idea what it means to emo. Back in MY day, we emoed barefoot in the snow uphill both ways and we had to cut our wrists with wooden razor blades we carved ourselves out of pine chips and we LIKED IT!"

kuchenhexe, QWP, flocked, on ...er, lyrics interpretation