June 18th, 2006

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urbandivinity in an unlocked entry in customers_suck
It does not matter what happened in the four hours prior to his arrival, as the moment I laid eyes on that hat, it was like Jesus himself molded himself into a girly head ornamate that just so happene to be on his head. That hat purged the world of evil and angels sang and light filled the grocery store and millions of little Foxy hats rained down around me.
It was beautiful.

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alien christ

this is only useful if your enemies really hate new wave

in this public post, insanitykun has a confession to make.

Confession: I am a super hero. Except my power isn't anything useful like eating and digesting anything at super speed, or pulling my own arm off and bludgeoning people to death with it, or even communicating with sea life.

I have the power to summon Blondie. When I was a child I was bitten by a radioactive Debbie Harry. Three times in the past two days, I've walked up front and Blondie have come on the radio. I SEE THEM WHEREVER I GO. AAAAH!!

mooingplatypus fills out a job application

...my mom also got me an application for Costa, the coffee shop. They have the most ridiculous questions in the world.

"When have you delivered great service and what did you do to make a difference?"
Well, after my very successful career as a courtesan at the court of a rich European noble, I spent several years as the butler of a distinguished country gentleman. While in his employ, I saved the world several times from near certain doom and destruction at the hands of extraterrestrial evil. When, upon his marriage, my services were no longer required I relocated to Paraguay, where I have spent the last few years wrestling ninja Nazi warthogs WHAT DO THEY WANT ME TO WRITE? Srsly.

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Balloons - Hope where you least expect i, Balloons - Cheering up your gray days

royalneptune's mom about soccer and who to cheer for.

Earlier I actually watched a World Cup game! Yay for me, I guess. I watched the US vs Italy and actually got stupidly involved in the match.

Robert: Italy just scored.
Mom: Oo, yay.
Me: Yay?
Mom: Yeah, I'm rooting for Italy.
Robert: But you're American.
Mom: No I'm not. I'm Italian.
Me: Italian-AMERICAN.
Mom: Well for the sake of this game, I'm erasing the second part, not shuddup and sit down.

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