June 17th, 2006


Fthagn Pthoolhu!

cleolinda’s latest post concludes with an account of a recent campaign against frogs (lead by an especially wily amphibian dubbed Sawyer) infesting her backyard pool:
So one night--Tuesday, I think--Mom got it into her head to go huntin'. And I went out there with her, because I have a blog. Sadly, that is the actual reason I went...

Mom starts to get kind of good at frog-huntin', actually...But there is one, one frog that we cannot catch: Sawyer. Unlike the others, he is raaawwwking from the patio wall, and he manages to raaawwwk like a bullhorn right as Mom is about to catch one, thereby alerting her prey to the danger. Sneaky bastard. We never did locate him, although I'm pretty sure he's claimed the wrought-iron patio table for Sawyerland. So finally, about an hour later, we conceded defeat...

Sawyer gives one last great big RAAAAAWWWWWWK as we leave, and out in the trees, you can hear a triumphant answering chorus of "RAAWWK, RAAWWK, RAAWK RAAWK RAAAAAWWWWWK." And if you are imagining a bunch of frogs headbanging and throwing devil horns with their little webbed toes out in the woods behind my house, I will not blame you.

As usual, the entire post is studded with nuggets of comedy gold.
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You must be drinkin the good shiiieettt.

The gems in booju_mooju never dies.

The community favorite wanky zany lady prime_radiant is at it again on the topic of alcohol vs formula among others things.

People are COMPLETELY insane. Everyone who hasn't grown up in Europe or lives in Europe needs to cut the fucking "it's ok in Europe" argument, RIGHT NOW. Shut the fuck up, just because you see French people drinking wine in that one foreign movie your boyfriend took you to see which you missed half of because you were deepthroathing him does NOT mean that that is what people do in Europe.

Read it here: Gin or Juice