June 15th, 2006

Car DOES NOT float

The phrase "whomever shells for this has too much money" comes to mind, here.

"This "microphone research book" project for my Studio Audio Engineering I class arouses but one question...

Who the fuck would pay $5,149 for a god-damned MICROPHONE!? That is bullocks I say. BULLOCKS, FOOL.

Yes, for a mere $5,149 you can own a hideously clashing bright green and gold tube mic. There are a lot of brand new features for this mic. Features as...real-time...weapon change polar pattern change (omg 9 different patterns), and you can attack your vocals' weak point for MASSIVE DAMAGE."

- equalinvain, in a friends-locked entry. QWP.
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shati contemplates Oz (from Buffy) fanfics

Like Titanic. Imagine Oz in Titanic.

Rose: I'll never let go, Oz! I'll never let go!
Oz: (unfazed) I'm okay. The fur is insulating.

Or Lord of the Rings!

Aragorn: We have time. Every day Frodo moves closer to Mordor.
Oz: Huh.
Aragorn: What does your heart tell you?
Oz: Not much, as a general rule. It's a taciturn organ. But you should hear my spleen when it gets going.

Or Hamlet.

Hamlet: To be or not to be, that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing, end them.
Oz: (nodding) Mm.

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Lo! Context!
Oh Good God

lawlesslawyer should be a speechwriter...

My Fellow Americans,

It is my sad duty to bring you disturbing news.

Only a week ago, the Iraqi people showered our troops with flowers, candy, and IEDs rainbows when we trotted out the battered corpse of that well-known enemy, Abu Musawhasshisface. Freedom began to rain down in the form of cluster bombs freeness. An infrastructure emerged, fed on the bloated bodies of the insurgent terrorist Sadaamists, and fifteen more democratic elections were held within the space of two days.

But we knew it couldn't last forever, not with the specter of unchecked homolove lurking in the darkest corners of our own great democracy. Because the voice of the people has been silenced by activist judges and insurgent Democrats, a new scourge has emerged from the ashes of the old. Abu Ayyub al-Masri, an enemy far more horrifying than the faceless and therefore meaningless enemies of climate change, no jobs, no health care, and failing public education, now requires our vigilant presence in Iraq for much longer than any non-liberal could ever have anticipated.

Only when we defeat this enemy, who we now know is the real cause of instability in Iraq, can we start discussing an exit stragery. I'd also like to remind you, my fellow vigilant Americans, that changing horses midstream could cause ten more enemies with faces to appear on your television screens. Do you want insurgent Democrats allowing gays to marry their dogs? When you vote this November, just remember Abu Ayyub al-Masri and how much he looks like the lovechild of John Kerry and an illegal immigrant.

God bless us all, except the gays.


Here, public post, no permission needed.

Are we allowed to metaquote comments from this community? ^_~

seferin, on some men's behavior in intimate situations:

are men not aware of these things?

*shrug* notwithstanding thickness, can't the guys, you know, not thrust so deep/hard?

After all, we rent the space, we are requested by management not to knock down the walls or otherwise redecorate.

QWP from a comment in his earlier post in this community.
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hopf fibration


Students quote Hitler. School apologizes. Read the quotes here first. quintessenceanx responds:

NOTE: The reason this annoys me is because both quotes have their arguments. I have always felt that strength is the ability to succeed. So different people are strong in different ways, and they all succeed at some arbitrary goal. The latter is most definitely true, his entire career is based of it. It is history. To not acknowledge history is to fall victim to it when it happens again. Don't want to admit it happened? Fine. But when it happens again, and we may very well be the aggressors this time, whose fault will it be? Our own. Deny how Hitler succeeded, and allow others to succeed again.
That and the latter is excellent advice... We have had so many people that the only reason that it is looked down upon is its source. "..the..." There, not only did I quote Hitler and Stalin, but Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. The quotes included didn't include anything derogatory. If the students are not skinheads, perhaps they are just well educated and trying to show people how we have been defiled in the past and assist a better future? Why not just change source the quote to "unknown"? So many people say things so similar to that, and I'm sure that Hitler didn't write in English, so there would even be differences between various translations. Then people would read, acknowledge, learn, not be reminded of their past if that's what they want, and it wouldn't be in the news. I guess all I wanted to point out was: learn from mistakes, don't deny them

N for Nelly

cherry_pizza in tv_australia about the ulterior motive of N for Nelly

This is a matter of utmost importance to me, a long time (and potentially vulnerable) Wheel of Fortune viewer.

For as long as I can remember, contestants choosing a letter N in puzzles have had a habit of asking for "N for Nelly". For as long as contestants have been saying this, I have had an unresolved need to know, WHO IS NELLY?!

full post and context here

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gen: oliphaunt

you know, the lion king is an underrated source of humour.

from throughadoor's journal. qwp.

...when it was revealed that there was a VHS copy of the lion king IN OUR HOUSE, well. last night, we all lay down in front of the rotating fan and cooperated with the inevitable.

some things that escaped my notice about this movie when i was eleven, partially because at that time i lacked the ability to see into the future:

1. scar is gay.
2. simba's time spent in exile: yeah, you know, i sort of dropped out for a while and i was living with this gay guy and this retarded guy, except sometimes i couldn't tell which one was which, you know how it is, they were bug-eaters vegetarians, and we smoked a lot of weed (hakuna matata: it means "tune in, turn on, drop out"), and i started going my by rastafarian name, and one time i did a bunch of acid and i thought i was talking to my dead father, and then i decided it was time to get my life back on track and rule the fucking pride rock finish my liberal arts degree.
3. simba's rastafarian name was obviously: stryder.
4. realizing that robert guillaume is the voice for rafiki makes the episode of sports night where issac gets dana the lion king musical tickets really funny in retrospect.
5. really, a beautiful movie about the fragile balance of ecology, including some healthy controlled burning at the end!


(no subject)

Further indication that metaquotes should be called "ursulav_syndication"...

""Stubborn is an old friend. ... If I am completely wrong in all things, and there is in fact a hell in the conventional sense, I will be the person standing atop the brimstone with my arms folded, as demons gnaw my nether regions, and saying "Regardless, I still think I was right." I expect to see a number of you there, too."
--ursulav publically posted here

A novel preface to a tech question on livejournal_uk spawns funky comment answers...

laserpubes: I'm having difficulty interfacing my flux capacitor with the positronic matrix in my computer. Earlier on I installed some new dilithium crystals to try and power the thing but now I think this red one one has a bad motivator. There's approximately 40 gigaquad of space on my new holodeck, but I can't get the damn thing to work.

I'm running out of space on my 2 HDDs so I tried to fit a new 80gb drive that I had lying around. My C drive is 20gb and internal, [....tech stuff....]

daz71: Set up the two hard drives, without the USB or the CD/RW. I would recommend that you configer the jumpers [....tech stuff....]

If the above fails there's a small exhaust port on the perimeter, a small, acurately placed proton charge from a small fighter should target the main reactor. If the above does work then your system will become more powerful then you could possibly imagine.

QWP from here - I recommend the rest of the comments too, for equal amounts of double-geek!

arielography reads the news . . .

Bush to create largest marine sanctuary!" said Yahoo News this morning.

"Oh now what, Dick."
"You signed into law a new marine sanctuary!"
"What do you mean YEP! What possessed you to do that? My friends wanted to drill there!!!"
"Dick, sorry, but I am a man of the people"
"No you're not"
"I gotta look out for my fellow americans"
"The hell you do"
"I will do anything for the troops in the field"
"What's that got to do with anything?????"
"When I heard about this, I didn't even bother to think about it, nope! I figure if there's anyone who needs sanctuary, its our Marines"

"............oh my god"

---arielography, in this entry.
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