June 8th, 2006

desdenova & prince_corwin, on the "urgent" matter in the US Senate yesterday...

Excellent entry and quote threads, QWP:
desdenova (from the entry): When I was a kid, the Standard Republican Election-Year Tactic for riling up the base was a rousing round of Flag-Desecration Amendment... Nowadays, it seems that same-sex marriage is the new flag-burning.
prince_corwin: ...(Maybe if we advertise it as a way to Really Piss Off The Terrorists, or something.)
desdenova: OMG that is brilliant. "Osama bin Laden[*] is against same-sex marriage. Support marriage equality or the TERRORISTS WILL WIN."
[*] Who's that, again?
me pie glasses

star0074 returns from a trip earlier than her roomie expects her:

"Anyway, I came home at Midnight on Monday and picked up my stack of junk mail and went straight to my room, not wanting to wake her up. About 20 minutes later I hear a loud knock at the front door, but what the Hell, she's allowed to have guests and I was not about to say anything to her about it being so late. I then hear a loud knock at my room door and I fling open my door to see two uniformed officers and [roommate] staring at me. Thank God I decided not to sleep in the nude that night! I think I said "Hello, I am legally allowed to be here seeing as my name is on the lease." I guess she thought I was some blood-thirsty robber/muderer/rapist that picks up the mail and then uses the bathroom. I mean, that's what they all do right before they start their killing sprees right? Steal junk mail and then use the toilet."

From a locked post, but absolutely quoted with permission.
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Feeling the love.

In the mst3k community, quizzicalsphinx has this to say about partisan politics:

I think the Democrats and the Republicans need to start wanking each other off. Literally. Release some tensions, get to know one another. I wanna see a big bipartisan circle-jerk right in the middle of the Senate floor. I think it might save the country.

Edited for a direct link to context and the correct quote attribution. Don't shoot me!


The ever-creative cheesegimp has an idea of how to bring the whole gay marriage thing into perspective for Republicans:

For any republicans who might be reading this, imagine how you would feel if there was an amendment that banned all uses of the phrase "git-r-done."

Sure, you might be able to get through life without it, but things wouldn't be the same, would they? A piece of your soul would be missing. You'd feel like a second-class citizen. I can empathize. "Git-r-done" isn't simply a "lifestyle choice." It's something deep in your psyche, something you were born with. Without "git-r-done," you'd be half a person.

That's exactly how gay people feel, except they like butt sex instead of idiot, redneck comedians.

So here's the deal: stop getting so worked up about the sodomy, or Larry The Cable Guy gets shot in the face.

Thank you and goodnight.

QWP, full post here.
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